Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hobbiton bound

Today we have driven from Paeroa to took us about an hour. We left Paeroa earlier than expected because there was no hot water for a shower.....nomone a good the motel had hot a basin wash it was and off we went. The info centre at Matamata looks like a hobbit house for giants, the photos are on the  amera sadly not here, but after a look around we set off for Hobbiton and got on our 11am tour. We met Jenny and her daughter Jessica there. I was blown away by the movie set, we had a guide who walked us around and explained what had been used in the movie and at which part
Of course I took photos of many hobbit houses!!! 
The film set has been established on a beef and sheep farm that covers 1250 acres. 

Originally the homes were made from polystyrene, untreated timber and ply

The road in from the edge of the farm was put in by the army, we were told they were not busy that day!!!! The army also handled logistics of moving all that was required on set at all the different locations and then they played the Orcs!!!!

With the start of the last movies in 2009 the Hobbit homes were rebuilt over two years, and today they are well maintained 

There were many Monarch butterflies fluttering around and lost of bumble bees, my favourite bees) buzzing around in the flowers.

The vege gardens are real and the gardeners are having a competition to see who can grown the biggest pumpkin!!
This pond was created as part of the movie set and as soon as it was filled up many frogs moved in. When filming started Sir Peter Jackson asked for them to all be removed to another pond as they were louder than the actors talking! ! Lol!!

The woodcutters wheelbarrow

Looking from the Hobbit village over to the Green Dragon.
This was the only Hobbit house we could go into,  some were not safe, others the gardens were being protected from many tourist feet.

More houses in the hillside

Another view to  the Green Dragon.
The flour mill

And here we go into the Green Dragon for a ginger beer, pale ale, cider and another beer we can't remember!! From here we went back to the bus and were driven off the movie set and back to the tourist centre, where we had lunch. It was a great day out, loved Hobbiton and would recommend it to anyone going near.
 We are now at Opal Springs just out of Matamata in what feels like a luxury unit..even has hot water!!! 😀 I have been in for a swim in the pools, one for swimming and two for sitting, the hottest is 49 degC, so good for taking away the aches of the day.
Might go for another soak before bed.
My token sewing little star.
Happy days.


Moose-ings said...

Oh I wish I had been there with you, would love to see this. One day!

Jo said...

Sounds like a great day. What a way to finish up. In a hot pool. Very relaxing

Leeanne said...

Lucky you.........looks fabulous, on my list to go........glad you are bad to hot water. Have fun tomorrow!

marina said...

Oh wow how fantastic!i so wish I could go there!
Maybe I'll get to New Zealand again one day
Thanks for the gorgeous pics.

Robyn Pidgeon said...

wow... what a wonderful adventure..

Elyte said...

What a fabulous day. Would love to visit Hobbiton one day. Loved the book and the movies. Hated those horrible Orcs. Amazed that you found any time for sewing.

Pamela said...

How cool! I want to go to Hobbiton.

Raewyn said...

So good to see you are having a fab time Sue - nice to see the sights from a tourist point of view - I know often when you're over it's to visit family and you don't get to be a tourist!

rita said...

One place I really really would like to visit one day <3 Seeing that on photos already makes me smiling :)

Michelle Ridgway said...

How fantastic! Those little houses are soooo cute! Loved seeing your photos. I envy your hot pool dip. Pretty blue star x

Ondrea said...

I love those pics! Awesome! I am rather impressed that you finished a star!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh how this!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh how this!

Fiona said...

How fun...both Dave and I love the movies..

Diane-crewe said...

It looks SO wonderful there ... wouldn't it be wonderful to spend time actually living there .. and just leave the rest of the world behind for a while x