Sunday, March 12, 2017


We have had a visit from lovely friends form up North. Robyn and Phil came down for the Lost Trades Fair in Kyneton so were able to stay here a couple of nights on he way.
Friday morning we set out for Geelong and visited Jiddys Patch and of course I had to buy these bits

then we went to the Bellarine Sewing Centre and these pieces of fabric had to come home with me!!
From there we went to Queenscliff to have a look around but also give Phil some train time!! A reward for being patient while we were looking at fabric!!
We had lunch first sitting by the water, looking at the boats
and eating fish and chips!!

T think I had a mouth full of chip here!!

We went up the 360 tower
Trying for a selfie!!

Much better when Phil takes the photo

and all of together when a stranger takes a photo!!
We went to the viewing area to see the mouth of Post Phillip Bay
Just a little windy here!!
Then it was time to head back home.
Robyn helped me with the blocks for the Dignity quilt, they were all differing sizes, some just needed a trim, others needed a partial remake, thanks to Robyn's help I now have a pile of blocks ready to be put into a quilt
Happy sewing.


Ondrea said...

Sounds like Robyn was a bit of a sewing lifesaver! WEll done with all the blocks. LOL the pic of you with food in your mouth. Funny how people always take pics at the most inopportune moment. OOOO nice fabrics!!!! Glad you had such a fun time.

Robyn Pidgeon said...

Evening... we are both safe in Cowra for the night... and thanks for having us David and Susan and the yummy food... and to Tracee and Alan... Allen ... or Allan... for putting us up... love you all...

Pamela said...

Nice to have friends come for a visit! Great stack of blocks you have, look forward to seeing what you so with them!

Jo said...

Glad you could enjoy some time with Quilty friends

Fiona said...

How fun..... looks like you got heaps done...


Michelle Ridgway said...

So very nice to see two lovely friends together down there having fun. Robyn is definitely a whizz when it comes to piecing. Very jealous.....loved Queenscliff!

Raewyn said...

How cool to have Robyn and Phil to stay - wow it always amazes me the friendships we make through blogging!