Sunday, May 21, 2017

A few busy days

The last few days have flown by, the Quilt In had come and gone and been successful. Set up was on Friday afternoon, on the way home I stopped in Geelong
I walked past this display in Geelong good do these stars look

I had heard of this project but not seen any of the stars before, it should look amazing all together.
The beautiful Lions Quilt was on display at the Quilt In, I missed most of the talk sadly as I was in the kitchen, but I understand the Lions Quilters are fund raising to establish a quilt museum.

I had to zoom in and the photo is fuzzy I am sorry but the detail was so beautiful, there is braille on the tree stem , dates in the leaves and some of the flowers represent wheel chairs, others eyes, I am sure there was more but that's all I caught.
Our speaker was Michele Hill, she was talking about her journey with Beatrix Potter and the quilts she has made and the book she has published, Michele was also asked to make a replica of Beatrix Potter's parents wedding quilt....made in 1863.

the original is on the left, the new  one on the right. The new one is off to the UK and will be displayed in the home of Beatrix Potter.

part of the crowd at the Quilt In

Marg stitching away

Tracee as you might now is never easy to get a photo of...this is the moving one

now she is sitting stitching...still!!!

This quilt was shown at show and tell. It was brought in by a man who had a stall at the market next door. It was made by his wife who was a book illustrator, sadly she passed away four months ago. Such a beautiful quilt, love the fish!! (sorry about the photo quality.)

More show and tell

Loved this one.

and this one..which might just have been made by Marg!!

Thus was very pretty too.
I got home at 5.15 pm last night, had a quick shower and change and we drove into Melbourne for a friends 60th birthday celebration. We had a great night and caught up with friends we hadn't seen for a while.

I was given this present for my 60th...nothing better than a birthday that continues on and on!! Isn't it beautifully wrapped.
and inside was this gorgeous frog teapot!

Playing ladies with my new teapot!!

Isn't that cute!!
We got home last night near 1 o'clock so I was a bit tired!! But this morning had to be up bright and early as we had visitors from NZ calling in to say hello for morning tea. 

We had a great visit and catch up, this afternoon has been a sit on the couch time..not much has been happening!!
I am slowly catching up with blog reading and book reading and am off to sit back on the couch!!
Happy stitching.


Anthea said...

I can tell that those quilts are just stunning Sue, despite the less-than-best pics... thanks for showing them in your post.
What a fab teapot, enjoy! I love a quirky teapot myself, & there's nothing like pot tea, is there?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,wow what a busy day and weekend,love your new teapot xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

WOW! Beautiful quilts! Boy you were on the hop (no pun intended )Looks like you have had a very nice social time. Thanks for sharing the quilts.

Julie said...

Beautiful quilts Sue ... some stunning work there. Your new teapot is rather fabulous. Hope you have a great week Sue xxx

Ondrea said...

So many lovely quilts to inspire you. Love your teapot. Hope you have rested up a bit now.

marina said...

Lovely show and tell Sue!
Very inspiring.
A great stitching day with the other gisborne girls.
Love your new teapot!

Elyte said...

Gosh Sue, you have been busy. The quilt in looked like fun. Sorry to miss it.
I think you should give yourself a day off.

Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful so many people there......glad you shared the Million stars thing as I had just seen them in a shopping centre on the weekend thinking they were the cool thing of the I know what they much more meaning now.........