Saturday, August 12, 2017

Angkor Wat

This is our last outing of the tour, them main and biggest temple at the complex Angkor Wat. This is the heaviest temple in the 240 acre complex and it is necessary to keep the water in the moat around it, to keep the ground stable and support the weight of the temple. if the water goes down too far the temple will sink. Kind of scary to think about.

side entrance to the complex

one of the old libraries

the reflection pool and tourist

entering the side gate

a few monks were present

these steps have been closed to tourists as a few too many people took a fall on them, new wooded steps have been built around the back

from the third story looking out, just as the rain came

a few statues remain inside, most have been stolen over the years

the main Buddha statue

heading back out the main walkway that takes you to the Royal entrance

we were going to wait 40 mins for sunset, but everyone on our bus was hot and sweaty and tired, so we headed back to the hotel, the others who stayed reported later the sunset didn't happen.
That evening we had a final dinner at the hotel and some Aspara dancing
dancing with coconuts

a traditional dance

the costumes for this dance were beautiful

the final bow

love the faces....
this was our last evening in Siem Reap, unfortunately hubby missed this as he got a bug and then bronchitis. No fun flying home for him!!
Bye for now.


Fiona said...

that temple is amazing.... so much gone into it. Sad that some of the pieces have been stolen over time...
Poor Hubz getting a bug and bronchitis.... awful to fly with that... hope he is better now

Ondrea said...

What an amazing place to visit. How old ? I wonder how they worked out that they needed to keep the water level up. Beautiful dancers.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that about the water and the temple. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures. I'm so glad you've had such an awesome trip!

newsurfiegirl said...

Wow what an amazing place to visit! Thanks for sharing some of the photos!