Saturday, August 5, 2017

Cai Be excursion (super photo heavy)

This morning we went from the boat to shore on smaller boats and had a visit to the local cathedral
these boats make up part of the floating market. At the top of the stick on the left hand side you can see what they had to sell...the eyes painted on the boats were to scare away the river monsters.

life on the river

the Cathedral we are going to visit
at the front gate

beautiful inside window

home for a colony of bats

tourists heading off to explore

these two cuties posed for a photo

the ice cream vendor rode past

we had to watch out for scooters and motor bikes , the zipped past pretty quickly.
We walked to a local area I am sure is set up for tourists
we passed these orchids on the way

huge fish in a not very big tank

coconut lollies being made

we had a taste of rice wine (kind of like a vodka shot) but then were given a taste of the rice wine with snakes in the red jug is a small cobra...the venom is released into the wine and believed to have all kinds of healing qualities

and in here is a King Cobra in rice wine!!!! 😕😒

the guide thought this was extremely funny...thank goodness it was dead!!

many snakes in the rice wine

this lady was making rice paper for spring rolls

these fruit once ripened were used for food colouring

this guy is popping rice in black sand

these guys are mixing colouring from the fruit and sugar and the popped rice

pressing it into the mould

more pressing, then cutting then the ladies to the left bagged it up

our morning tea, jasmine tea and snacks.

sugared ginger slices, popped rice, sugared banana, popped rice with black sesame seeds and yellow things!!

passenger boats...heading back to the boat for lunch now.
Back soon. 


Pamela said...

What an interesting and busy trip. In Okinawa there is an alcohol with snakes in it, too. I prefer not to have reptiles in my drinks! Looking forward to the next installment!

Ondrea said...

Interesting food and drink. Gee, you were game drinking that with the snakes! Glad I'm vegetarian lol.

newsurfiegirl said...

so many new things to be experienced! Not sure about the snakes though.

Anonymous said...

I can see I would probably lose a few pounds on this trip. LOL I do not want rice wine, and definitely not with snakes OR their venom! Some of the food sounds good, some does not appeal. Were you eating foods you were more accustomed to on the boats? Fun to see the villages, though. Even their Christian Church is more colorful.