Saturday, August 5, 2017

On and off the boat

We have now been cruising up the Mekong River for 2 days, we are being fed wonderful food and are being taken on excursions usually twice a day.
These photos are going to be out of order as I am having trouble up loading from the camera, but this was at the food market we visited yesterday.
Farmer seen from the river
Beautiful bonsai for sale, shame I can't bring one home!! 😁

Fish at the market

More fish, some are still alive.
Fancy some meat for dinner??
The internet is not cooperating now so will finish up here.


Pamela said...

How interesting! I look forward to seeing and reading more about your travels

Jo said...

Very interesting photos. Sounds like you are enjoy it.

Fiona said...

Ive enjoyed watching your travels... I'd like to go there one day

newsurfiegirl said...

So much to see and do!

Anonymous said...

It is so funny to hear a casual mention of the Mekong River, since Paul was in Vietnam and Mekong was not a nice area anywhere along the river, for our men. It's good to know the people have peace, at least.