Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Oudong - super photo heavy again

Today we visited a Buddhist Monastery and received a blessing from two monks...not every day you get to listen to the monks chanting and then get flowers chucked over you!!
the main temple

the monks before the blessing

the flowers after the blessing

tourist after blessing!

beautiful murals along the walls

the young monks get to clean up after the blessing

this young monk was 14 and visiting from Phonm Penh, he was very shy but happy to ask out guides questions

main temple from the back

it was washing day when we were there

a priest lived here, one room, communal bathroom down the back somewhere and he ate with the monks and nuns

this was where the wealthy nuns lived

and this was where the poor nuns lived

the nuns cook the food and serve it for everyone

and they eat in here

as we were leaving the monks came for lunch, some nuns were waiting further down the path to dish up their food

they were walking sedately almost like they were meditating as they walked 

no one talked

this statue was near the front gate.
We were bused from here to the village of Kampong Tralach where we got an ox cart ride back to the boat. Not the most comfortable ride, nearly lost hubby a couple of times as he slid forward!!
ready for the off!!

the ox next to us

ambling down the road

past the local village and school

and back to the boat.
In the evening we had La Marguerite's Got Talent...a show from some of the crew and passengers which was great fun.
More soon.


Jo said...

It sounds like you covered quite a lot of interesting things on your trip away... Your photos are great

Moose-ings said...

Beautiful photos, the temple area looks so peaceful. Interesting to see there are wealthy and poor nuns.

Fiona said...

so interesting...

Pamela said...

What a great trip! I agree, it's interesting to see there are wealthy and poor nuns.

newsurfiegirl said...

Wow what an eye opening trip you have had!

Anonymous said...

How much you are learning in a brief time. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful photos. Chances are slim I will ever get to go there, so I love seeing your pics!