Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Phnom Penh

Today we are having a tuktuk ride around Phnom Penh

this large Independence monument is near the city centre

I can't remember who this statue was 

a group of monks passed us

a shop we passed by

statues for sale

views from the tuktuk

fellow tourists

on the way back to the boat we stopped to  have a look at ...Wat Phnom, or temple on the hill

there were many Buddhas inside

in many different sizes

loved this big gold one

the eldest stupa containing monks ashes I think.

a little Buddhist shrine on the way out

large clock at the bottom of the hill, a city landmark we were told.
Back on the boat we had lunch while travelling up the river to Koh Chen village
we visited a silversmith and copper making shop

had a wander through the village

along the dirt road

looking at the places people live

past the temple

to a school.

We visited this class, they sang Old McDonald had a farm in Cambodian for us as a greeting

then we sang Waltzing Matilda much to their amusement! Little cheek one was down the back off the class!! They asked us a few questions about where we came from, they knew kangaroo from Australia but mixed up goat and sheep when one Kiwi made a sheep sound!! 
More later.


newsurfiegirl said...

Wow you have seen so much during your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that they let you visit in the schools! People don't mind folks poking around their houses? Or no one's home that time of day?