Thursday, October 26, 2017


has not gone as I had planned, nothing drastic, I had planned a day of sewing and as yet have not managed one stitch!! But the washing is done, the carpet is clean, the dust has been moved around, the Supervisor has been to the vet and has had a needle for his arthritis and survived.
We had a stop at the beach on the way home to recover!!
My birthday celebrations continue, I am so lucky, today in the mail there were more goodies 

 this cute card from Jenny, and how true it is!! Woops, I have accidentally deleted it, will have to go back to the tablet and find it again!!
Second time lucky!!!

This lovely bunch of goodies came from Michelle

And these from Anthea
These wonderful people must have known I am doing a class next month and need green fabrics and other fabrics I can add to them, these are perfect.
I also have some beautiful fabric from Asta but that is on the other camera so will have to add that later.  Now it is later!!
Love the pin cushion and threads too.

I stitched the flowers down yesterday and had planned to get to the leaves today, but maybe that will happen tomorrow! !
Off to find that other photo!
Happy sewing.


Moose-ings said...

Isn't it delightful to receive surprises I the mail? Poor Chowdydog, hope the shot does him good. Love how your appliqué is coming along.

KaHolly said...

Sometimes, life just gets in the way! Such lovely birthday surprises!

Leeanne said...

I have days like that often, I wonder how I get anything done! Gosh this extended birthday doesn't make to older with each present does it? No more loved I guess!

Fiona said...

extended birthdays are such fun!

Ondrea said...

Lots of fun still opening pressies. Glad the supervisor survived the Vet. Hope everything is okay.

Lin said...

Lovely gifts. xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Glad you were spoilt and enjoyed your birthday. Supervisor looks less than impressed lol! Love those Kookas xx

Raewyn said...

Fabulous birthday goodies Sue xxx