Monday, November 13, 2017

Home again

The internet stopped working for me yesterday at the campground so no blog updating happened. But I had a good morning out and about, I wanted to find a few caches so was dropped off near the market and then walked along the path around Lake Burley Griffin, to the National Art Gallery. I was aiming for the sculpture garden
On the way I could hear a Christmas carol playing at the Corrilion, over and over and over again!!!  Shame they didn't have more than one song playing.
I found the sculpture garden and had a look around and found the cache I was looking for

Luckily this was a big one and marked with some pieces of wood to help the cacher like me!!

More sculptures 

These heads in the pond gave me a start

This sculpture is on the top of a drum used in the Tiwi Islands, one of my favourites 
Maybe this one dropped in from space

I just happened to glance up and see this hanging outside the Gallery

Walking around for another cache I came across one of my favourite views in Canberra 

The I went past the old Parliament House, I walked thru the rose gardens, the perfume in the air was beautiful.
We drove home today and all went well until we got just past Seymour on the Hume Highway, there was road works up ahead and the queue went forever. Several classic cars were on the side of the road, hoods up, letting the engines cool, obviously the slow queuing was not good for them.  
I got a lot of knitting done in the car today,  the head, body, two ears and a foot for a little rabbit.

Three more little stars have been added to the collection too, they were made yesterday evening.
Happy to be back home again and to hear the waves on the beach below.
Happy sewing.


Robyn Pidgeon said...

love you finds....

Pamela said...

What interesting sculptures! Nice to have four stars finished.

Anthea said...

Lovely pics from Canberra, Sue... I'd love to visit there one day... very interesting arts & sculptures too!

Fiona said...

lovely trip... I haven't been to Canberra yet... one day. those heads in the water are a bit creepy!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Love the sculptures! Great you can be creative in the car. More pretty stars. Enjoy the capital x

Ondrea said...

All those sculptures are an amazing site. Love the one hanging in mid air. Bunny is coming along nicely and I love your stars.

Raewyn said...

It looks like you had a really interesting time exploring Sue - your geo-caching sure helps you to get out and about. Those sculptures are really great but the ones in the water are a bit 'odd'! Home Sweet Home is always lovely isn't it?!