Saturday, November 11, 2017

On the road again

Yesterday we drove from home to Canberra..I have to say I was happy to get out of the car when we got here!! I did get some knitting done on the way and finished a star last night
Part of a beanie under way
We saw these beautiful cars at a petrol station

Love this one!

And followed some up the freeway.

We stopped at the Dog on the Tucker Box at Gundagai lots of people were having their photo taken by the dog, so I went for the koala instead!! Got to have a tourist photo now and then. We did stop for lunch at a truck stop with a cache, the cache was called Gravel Rash and was aptly named as I have the gravel rash on my fingers and elbow after sliding back down the incline from the cache site, it was like walking on marbles!! But we found the cache so all is good. All fixed with antiseptic cream and a plaster.
Today I have done some painting on the Christmas blocks
Two snowmen nearly done

I have been down the road to the show, no craft sadly but lots of horses and sideshows and these weight lifters, they could sure lift some heavy weights, men and women.

I got back to the camping ground just as a storm was coming by, lots of thunder and lightening and some rain...good to stay inside and do some more painting!!
Happy sewing.


Leeanne said...

I love road trips! thought you were going to say one of the old classic cars was yours.

Lin said...

Great to follow your travels - what is a cache? xx

Julie said...

Great post Sue ... a shame there wasnt any craft stalls there as you would've enjoyed having a wander & a browse. Hope the gravel rash is healing okay. Funnily enough - reading your post today - I had my photo taken at the Dog on a tucker box statue when I was travelling there when I was 18 - so quite a few years ago now!!! It made me smile when you mentioned it today :-)

Ondrea said...

Looks like you got back to your camping ground just on time. Oooo you look so snuggly in the Koala's arms. What are you knitting?

Fiona said...

looks like you are finding lots to do... and firm bodies to watch...and a koala to cuddle...

Raewyn said...

That's quite a drive Sue, just as well you have your handwork to do in the car but also looks like there was plenty to keep you entertained on the way! A lovely photo of you with the Koala! (hope the gravel rash didn't slow you down too much?!)