Tuesday, January 16, 2018


has been a busy day, lots of emails to catch up on, still sorting Mums stuff, had to get the St Johns emergency alarm payments refunded and also trying to stop a direct payment to another charity...not easy from over here. We had a trip into Geelong this afternoon and the day was nearly over!!! I did get a little sewing done...now dinner is late...but such is life!!
I was given these goodies by Jenny when we were in NZ, a beautiful tin and some fat quarters.

and when we got home these gifts were in the mail from Donna, lovely NZ themed fat quarters and a notebook with a pukeko.....Christmas continues on! Yay!!

I took the cover off this diary bought on special to make a junk journal, now I have decided to make a cover as I want to use the diary!! Contrary me!!

but inbetween while waiting for glue to dry I did a little more stitching on the fabric from the class I did thru Guild with Caroline Sharkey

Also from Donna was a cute elf, love that hat!!!

the family is growing!!

here is the diary once I had glued on wadding and covered it with fabric, the spine edges are a bit wonky but I am happy with it.

Inside front cover

inside back cover.
Happy sewing.


Diane-crewe said...

you have some beautiful fabrics there x AND .. a truly happy family xx

Fiona said...

Lovely fabrics arriving at your door.... I like your new diary cover.... very creative.... gosh your elves are cute... love how your arty piece is coming along

Julie said...

Gorgeous goodies in the post Sue. Just LoVe your elf collection - they are all so cute & make me smile. Your journal looks stunning too.

Leeanne said...

The best kind of mail! Your covered book looks great. Those Gnomes look like real characters!

Moose-ings said...

Great diary! And your Tomte selection is very impressive!

Ondrea said...

That art quilt is beautiful! Clever gal remodelling that diary. So many beautiful gifts to fondle and enjoy.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Your post is full of such lovely things. LOVE your diary cover xx

Raewyn said...

Lovely gifties Sue. And I love what you've dne with the diary!! Fun Christmas Gnome (Tomte??) collection!