Friday, June 15, 2018

Visit to Vancouver Island (photo heavy)

After successfully navigating or way into Vancouver airport and the Car rental area, we returned the car, caught the train, then got a bus and then got the ferry and we were in Vancouver Island, where we were met by Audrey. Audrey's husband is in poor health at the moment so we were restricted in what we could do, but they have a lovely sun room on the back of their house and we were happy to sit and watch the birds in the garden and play with the cats!
We did have a drive around to Chemainus
and looked at the murals on the shop walls

loved this one

lots of interesting buildings 

Audrey took us to a secret garden and icecream shop

we all loved these carvings

Family ice cream outing 

beaver joined in too!

and the tourist

such beautiful carvings

Lots of these were hanging along the street

bears on the roof!!

a bit fuzzy but a humming bird at the feeder at Audrey's house

beautiful sun set

a hummer having a rest late in the evening

One of Audrey's cats...Charlie...he was most friendly and got attached to Donna and wanted to come home with us!
I think that is probably enough for today!
More tomorrow.


retdairyqueen said...

Welcome home
I have loved following your holiday On my to go list
The photos have been amazing

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful photos! Oh and those carvings are wonderful. Love the bears on the roof! How cool to see real hummingbirds....just delightful x

Julie said...

Amazing photos Sue. Have loved following along on your amazing trip., Love the bears on the roof. Just delightful!

Pamela said...

How interesting! I'll probably never go to this area, so I am so pleased I was able to follow along as you were there.

Fiona said...

so fun to see all t hat art and carvings..... such a great trip


Anthea said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics Sue... so glad you had a great time!