Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hobbiton bound

Today we have driven from Paeroa to took us about an hour. We left Paeroa earlier than expected because there was no hot water for a shower.....nomone a good the motel had hot a basin wash it was and off we went. The info centre at Matamata looks like a hobbit house for giants, the photos are on the  amera sadly not here, but after a look around we set off for Hobbiton and got on our 11am tour. We met Jenny and her daughter Jessica there. I was blown away by the movie set, we had a guide who walked us around and explained what had been used in the movie and at which part
Of course I took photos of many hobbit houses!!! 
The film set has been established on a beef and sheep farm that covers 1250 acres. 

Originally the homes were made from polystyrene, untreated timber and ply

The road in from the edge of the farm was put in by the army, we were told they were not busy that day!!!! The army also handled logistics of moving all that was required on set at all the different locations and then they played the Orcs!!!!

With the start of the last movies in 2009 the Hobbit homes were rebuilt over two years, and today they are well maintained 

There were many Monarch butterflies fluttering around and lost of bumble bees, my favourite bees) buzzing around in the flowers.

The vege gardens are real and the gardeners are having a competition to see who can grown the biggest pumpkin!!
This pond was created as part of the movie set and as soon as it was filled up many frogs moved in. When filming started Sir Peter Jackson asked for them to all be removed to another pond as they were louder than the actors talking! ! Lol!!

The woodcutters wheelbarrow

Looking from the Hobbit village over to the Green Dragon.
This was the only Hobbit house we could go into,  some were not safe, others the gardens were being protected from many tourist feet.

More houses in the hillside

Another view to  the Green Dragon.
The flour mill

And here we go into the Green Dragon for a ginger beer, pale ale, cider and another beer we can't remember!! From here we went back to the bus and were driven off the movie set and back to the tourist centre, where we had lunch. It was a great day out, loved Hobbiton and would recommend it to anyone going near.
 We are now at Opal Springs just out of Matamata in what feels like a luxury unit..even has hot water!!! 😀 I have been in for a swim in the pools, one for swimming and two for sitting, the hottest is 49 degC, so good for taking away the aches of the day.
Might go for another soak before bed.
My token sewing little star.
Happy days.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Out and about in New Zealand

Today we are in Paeroa
There are many antique shops here and Eve managed to get through four and found many boxes of postcards to look through. She was a very happy tourist!!!
I was in and out of the shops, I find it hard standing waiting so I did a  it of looking around, sadly there is no quilt shop here!!
But I went and had a look at the river
For some reason the tablet has decided this photo needs to be sideways!!!!
This area was mined heavily back in the 1800's for gold. There are lots of rusty bits around from the old works.
I have done a little stitching
Two arms of a star!!
And some stitchery,  ost of which I did on the plane coming over. It has been 27 deg C and humid today so it was not a sit and sew in the car day today.
Off to Hobbiton tomorrow.
Happy sewing.

Monday, February 20, 2017

And then there were six.

Little stars are slowly multiplying....
The stitchery is organised and ready to go.
I am off to NZ tomorrow, so next time we meet it will from Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud.
Happy sewing.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Catch up once heavy!!

Life has been busy these last few days, Friday afternoon I took Jenny and Deryck to the Gull bus and they made their way to the airport, they had a super late flight, 11.30, got no sleep on the plane so Jenny was tired yesterday.
Yesterday was Guild day and we had wonderful show and tell and a great speaker

a panel from Indonesia, quilted,

nearly missed this one, is two panels, one cut in half and put either side of the whole one
just a few of the beauties on this one!! There was much more show and tell, but this was all I got this time.
Our speaker was Robyn Taylor and she makes fabric mosaics.

Robyn's work and also her friend Janice's work.
Tracee and Margaret came here last night and we had a great evening together.
Today we went back for the workshop with Robyn and here are some progress photos.
Look at these two working away...the whole workshop was very quiet as everyone had their head down bum up and were concentrating and working!

My start on # 1 son


this is where I finished at the end of the workshop, very happy with this!!
Marg is working away on a picture of her Mum from when she was about 16 years old.


and just before we packed up to head home,
And last but not by any means least
Tracee is working on a mosaic of her husband


where Tracee was when we had to pack up.

and here are all the happy students with their work. They are all people except the second from the left which is going to be a koala, and the third from the right which is going to be a cat.
We had a quiet but very enjoyable day.
Happy creating.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Two stars

I have had a jump in production and now I have two stars!!
I have been preparing some more stars
The tablet is insisting on sideways photos today!!
Jenny and her friend Deryck have been here for two nights after coming from Auckland on a cruise boat, it was good to see them but wasn't long enough.  We went to Queenscliff and Ocean Grove yesterday..
Someone wasn't having his photo taken!!

A couple of tourists up the 360 tower at Queenscliff

Jenny found a Nemo biscuit

Ocean Grove beach

It was a little windy!!
 .and today Jenny and I picked all the plums of the tree, we left a few for the birds but not too many, I now have 11kg in bags in the freezer, and 16 containers of stewed plums.
Time for a cuppa after dealing with the plum tree.
 Amazing production from one tree. There are also bags of plums to go to friends tomorrow
I hope they love plums!!!
We had the most amazing sky yesterday morning

I am off now to out some cooked tomato and onion mix through the moulie.
Happy days.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

One star

Hee hee huge progress here star has been completed
Quite happy with how it has come out...
so am linking up with Anthea for her Piece yourself together link up celebrating all things EPP.
Today has also seen the picking of two big bowls of tomatoes and a third  of a washing basket of plums, they are now washed (the plums) and in the freezer whole. Ready for use later in the year.
Happy days. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Busy in the kitchen

Today I caught up on some of the plums and tomatoes
Eight and a quarter jars of plum jam that refused to thicken up...we had 9 but I knocked one over as I was putting on the jam covers!!!! We have ten containers of stewed plums with brown sugar and cinnamon, (and a burnt pot..woops!!) and six jars of tomato chutney. I thought as I had run out of garlic I would put some bush pepper and salt mix we have and when I tasted it, it nearly took out my throat!! I am not a fan of super hot foods so might have to find another home for these. The chutney didn't  thicken like it should have, we will see what happens once it cools down.
I had better sort some dinner now I guess, then after dinner I am going to trace this stitchery

Blogger decided the photo should be upside down so I took another one sideways, that seems to be ok with blogger but a bit difficult for the rest of us!!
I like this one, is long and skinny, this will keep me busy along with the stars.
Have a great evening.