Sunday, July 15, 2018


I drove up to Melbourne and had a wonderful catch up with the City Girls and the Gisborne Girls...not quite sure where I fit in there now since we moved, maybe I will become a Beach Girl!!
this is Anne's beautiful quilt, all hand sewn, I think Anne was working on the blocks last time I saw her.
here are the rows being joined together last January.

Marina's hubby Jo was very patient with us, and this was after he kindly changed the tyre on my car for me! It take many attempts to get a photo with everyone looking the right way!

Oops I was chatting!! Anna and Annie not ready...

Everyone looking, but so serious!

Uh oh I failed again, but we have the happy smiley faces I have come to know so well with this lovely group. Thank you Marina for a wonderful day and fantastic roast pumpkin soup and thank you ladies for a fun filled day out. We did not go hungry!

Doing the Rounds is slowly progressing, a few hexies have been appliqued on, one still to be repaired and pinned in place.
Happy days.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Out and about

This afternoon I was taking some  quilt tops to the quilters and hubby decided to come along for the ride, so I decided we would go look for a couple of geocaches while we were out!!
The Supervisor had to stay at home, he was not happy!

The 5 fat quarter top is done and ready to be quilted

with a bright orange backing!

We found one cache at the end of the road here..some creep had dumped their rubbish nearby!! I don't understand why people feel the need to do that! But it was a beautiful view and calm today, no wind!

I have finished two balls of wool on the KOGO blanket, now I have picked up the stitches on the side and am working out that way.

still working on the next border for the Doing the Rounds quilt, must get back to that now.
Happy stitching.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


The Supervisor and I had a walk along the beach this morning, we didn't go as far as usual as the Supervisor was sick and not very enthusiastic!  He seems to be much better now.

I had a play with some little rocks on the beach

it is not easy getting rocks to balance, takes time and patience! I can't remember what this is called but Donna will remind me I am sure, we saw lots in Canada and Alaska. I wonder if they will be there tomorrow?? 

This afternoon I went into the Geelong Cemetery to do some geocaching, I have a map and need to find head stones to get information, but keep getting lost!! My map skills obviously  need lots of work! I was driven home by the weather eventually, those clouds dropped some rain.

I am now sewing the next row onto the Doing the Rounds Quilt, I sewed a section on yesterday and had it in the wrong place so some unsewing had to happen, I am trying to catch up where I was. Joys!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Happy Day

Last night I finished the last of the diamond hexies to go on this round of the Doing the Rounds Quilt.
Last three done

my collection of hexies ready to be appliqued I need to sort the border for them to be attached to.
I am linking up with Anthea of Hibiscus Stitches, for Piece Yourselves Together,  Anthea has her link up now to celebrate all things EPP.
Pop over there when you can and see other EPP peoples and their creations.

Happy sewing.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

FNWF and Sewing day

FNWF didn't result in much sewing but I did get preparation done for later sewing.
binding is cut and ready to sew together

twelve sections for the Doing the Rounds are cut and ready to sew

Nine blocks for a wall hanging but and ready to sew.
Yesterday was UFO day at Bellarine Quilters,

I managed to get this wall hanging sewn together after not cutting enough gold fabric and having to go home and cut some more! Today I hope to applique on the animals. This will be a great memory of my trip to Alaska.
Happy sewing.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Grand Day Out and FNWF

This phrase has been stuck in my head all day...
and it was not as grand as these guys above had!!
Hubby and I headed  up to an area between the Melbourne airport and Greenvale (a northern suburb). In that area is Woodlands Historic Park and at least 100 caches. So I persuaded hubby to come with me, we had an hour and half drive there and back but it was a grand day out!We managed to find 13 caches, had a picnic lunch and it didn't rain!! Bonus!!
hubby making minor repairs

Yes he can fit into the hole in the tree, while being careful not to fall into the big hole dug inside the base of the tree.

we disturbed a few of the locals.
Tonight is FNWF a time to sew along with other like minded people, hosted by Cheryll , you can still sign up over at Gone Stitchin'.
Hope to see you there.
I nearly forgot, I finally finished the dinosaur quilt last night, after a long time waiting to be quilted it is finally done
I think this one will go to the Bellarine Quilters for their collection for a kids camp next year.
Happy sewing.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


I am very lucky to have two sewing machines and both are driving me nuts as I need to do some free range (motion) quilting and the tension is just not right. One I have given up on , the other we are staggering along slowly, sewing and unsewing, adjusting this and that, rethreading, checking the bobbin...late this afternoon I think I am done, not 100% happy but it will do. Still with the secret sewing so no photos to show the frustration!!
Monday I went to sit and sew at the Bellarine Quilters
one thing I love about this group is the willingness to get together and help and teach

and older member finished a quilt, all done by hand, 

so the ladies got together and sandwiched it, ready to tale back to her for hand quilting. How good is that?

The weather has been cold and windy here the last few days...surfs up at St Leonard's!!

the camera didn't pick it up, but the colour under the clouds was a beautiful orange.

Too rough to launch a boat yesterday.

The city of Melbourne off in the distance.

Two hexie diamonds nearly finished.
Keep warm this evening.