Sunday, July 14, 2019

This week

has been an indoors week for me, lots of  reading has happened, although the to be read pile is still big!!
Half way down the pile!!

During the week four more Sisters joined the family

As did a shopping bag, much better than plastic.

Last night a little stitching happened on the Old Time Kaleidoscope block, to be honest I was avoiding the football!! 😆😆

Firday afternoon we had a really cold weather front come across, we had hail, rain, thunder and lightning, followed by sunshine and rainbow, then more of the same.

The back deck was covered in hail
As were parts of the garden. We do get hail here but it does not usually last on the ground long.
This morning I have cleaned the oven which was sadly overdue and is one of my least favourite jobs 😷.
Now I am off to vacuum once hubby has had his nap and then off to the sewing room. Which I might add is reeling from shock as it was cleaned up yesterday 😲😲😲
I went to take a photo but the mess on the desk doesn't look like I have done much so more to be done.
Better do it and not just talk about it!!
Happy Sunday.

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Supervisor

and I have had a few walks along the beach this week, on both gloomy days and sunny days.
Hard to see, but there is an owner waiting for his dog in the water

This little dog loves to run along the water line chasing the waves, not so happy going home to a bath!!

Cloudy morning

Wandering in the sun.

Last Saturday Rae (striped top) and I taught a Convergence Quilt class at Bellarine Quilters, two ladies had gone home but this was the rest of the group and their quilt tops. We had a fun filled day, and everyone finished their top.

This pelican swooped around in circles and then landed on the water, it kept a close eye on us as we wandered along.

Last night I finished the latest Old Time Kaleidoscope block, blogger has turned it around for us!!! 

all the finished blocks together.
I am off to blob on the couch, I am full of  cold and not feeling the best!
Happy stitching.

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Well last night didn't really go to plan but I did manage to make 15 One Block Wednesday blocks
The hand sewing stayed on my lap as we watched a movie and I was engrossed in that!
You can see what the other Friday nighters got up to over at Cherylls blog. Thank you Cheryll for hosting us.
Happy stitching.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Friday night with Friends

Tonight is the first Friday of the month and it is time for a virtual sit and sew, hosted by Cheryll over at Gone Stitchin'. Why not sign up and join in??
Tonight I am hoping to get another Kaleidoscope block finished
And maybe even some One Block Wednesday blocks which have been sadly neglected!!
Happy sewing.

Monday, July 1, 2019

DrEaMi #29

I am linking up with Sharon for a post about this sort of thing "Welcome to the June edition of Drop Everything And Make it! where we celebrate all things squirrel. As in chasing those shiny bauble-type projects that grab our attention and demand to be made, and right now. " (Quote from Sharons blog.)

My squirrel moment was seeing a post from  Karen of KaHolly Quilts, she was testing a block drafted by Pretti of Sew Pretti Quilts, so I went to have a look at Pretti's blog and then just had to make an International Sisters block or two.

The first three blocks are made with fabric from Australia, Japan and Hawaii.
This is a Bali batik sister
Then two with New Zealand fabric ( my cutting skills need some work for these)

then two from New Zealand, and two from Alaska

and finally one Australian and three from New Zealand
these blocks are very addictive!
If you go over to Sharons blog you can see some other squirrel moments.
Happy stitching.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Woo hoo!! Two finishes.

I am pleased to say the Aussie hero quilt is finished, label done, letter written and it is all boxed up ready to got o the PO tomorrow! I have also added eyes to the turtles since this photo!!

I rode my bike down to sewing this morning, it was cold but a beautiful clear day.

Doing the Rounds is finished...well nearly, the binding is done! The hanging sleeve is awaiting some hand sewing and the label is still not done, but I am calling it finished .
Last night two more sisters were created, I was in a rush so made some silly mistakes and unsewing had to be done, but they are ok now, two New Zealand sisters.
I am off to tidy the kitchen bench before dinner cooking starts.
Happy stitching.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Catching up

Where do the days go?? The weeks just seem to fly by!
the Supervisor and I went for a walk one morning and it was cloudy and gray

not much sun and the tide was out

lots of birds were cleaning , drying and resting

heaps of them!!

It must be moulting time for these crabs once again as the beach was covered with them, some whole some not.

This heron was looking for a snack

back home I found a heap of mushrooms in the garden.

Yep more pelicans, I just love them. I went for a walk to the shops and back yesterday and these guys were all preening and cleaning waiting for the fishing people to come in I think.

The storm water pipe was running water into the lagoon, which was flowing out into the bay, the seagulls were having a wonderful time bathing and drinking in the not so salty water.

Couldn't help myself, the water was so calm and the reflections good. I had spent most of the day quilting the Aussie Hero quilt, so it was goods to get out in the fresh air for a walk in the sunshine You wouldn't believe that we had had a sea fog earlier in the day! I just have to write a letter to go with the quilt, write on the label and it can go in the post.
So because I had been good, after sewing group today

I made a purple sister!! So happy with her.
I had been get dome dinner sorted I suppose, it is so tempting to make another block!!
Maybe just cut one.......
Happy stitching.