Sunday, November 18, 2018

Upcycled Archibald

Yesterday was Guild day and the unveiling of  the Upcycled Archibald quilts. We were all given a bag with lace, applique pieces   buttons and braid and were encouraged to use everything in our portrait. Here are a few, sadly I didn't get photos of them all

Tracee of Farmgatecreations made the beautiful quilt third from the left, it has so much detail in it.
You can see from the page attached to the quilt, the pieces Tracee started with.

Photo bombed by Mrs Perry 

It was such a great challenge and we had 20 entries, the best for ages. It was also wonderful to see all the different interpretations of a portrait and how people used the bits and pieces they had.

Here is Donna's entry “A Pawtrait of Queen Elizacat I. Donna was winner and viewers choice for this challenge. This is based on her cat Sherman the Birman. The face and paws are beautiful needle felted pieces and the dress sari fabric. It is just stunning.
the cats eyes look at you no matter where you stand.

Here is my finished Masked Lady.
The supervisor and I had a walk along the beach this morning, today I got a talking to because another mans dog was off lead???? Not sure how it was my problem or why I was responsible!!

It is a beautiful day, I zoomed in on a ship coming into the Bay

lots of boats heading out fishing today.
I had better get moving, the washing needs to  be hung out and I have backings to sew together and iron and batting to cut!! But it is a sunny day and my book is calling.....
Have a wonderful day.

Friday, November 16, 2018


Woohoo!! I have finished the Doing the Rounds quilt!! The extra bit of red fabric arrived yesterday from Shiralee Stitches, I made the last two hexies last night and sewed them on. This has been my project since January!! Now it is finished.
One happy dance here!!

Thanks to Sandy at Shiralee Stitches for doing the BOM and providing support and extra bits of fabric when I lost them!! And to Susan Reinhard of Thimblestitch for designing and making  the wonderful pattern.
One happy camper here.
Now to have a chat with Leeanne of Quiltmekiwi to see about quilting! Exciting!! 
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Heavy photo post today.....home

This morning the Supervisor and I went for a walk along the beach, these little fuzzy guys have sprung up from nowhere

It is kind of overcast today but warm

this plant is in flower in the park behind the beach

and these fruit are coming along

We have a new notice at the bottom of the steps from the local Primary School children

It is not easy to spot the bird and bat boxes but they  are up in the tree

Back home I was trying to fill the bird bath, the Supervisor had to do a check on  the water quality!!

another lovely pigface flower, this was a cutting Marg gave me from her garden, the best way to grow your garden I think. Plants from other people give lots of happy memories.

this plant is about to burst into flower

such beautiful flowers

the pansies are doing really well

happy in their teapot.

a little bit on NZ in the garden, no real pukekos here, but there are swamp hens down the road at the lagoon.

Such a wonderful time in the garden, before the summer heat comes.

Yesterday I made some poppy blocks for the Aussie Hero quilt

and this applique..I still have some letters and numbers to finish, the applique takes a while.
I had better go get some lunch and then get back to sewing
the supervisor is having a nap beside me and the snoring says he is well asleep!
Happy sitiching.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Remembrance Day

Yesterday we went to the Remembrance Day service at Drysdale, it is the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1. 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 1918.

Crosses were placed to remember people from local families who served.

5000 poppies were made for this banner, the purple ones are for prisoners of war.

there was a short march, with both the Australian and New Zealand flag, the NZ flag carried by a Kiwi who was in the Australian navy.

Many different hats and berets to be seen

Many beautiful wreathe were laid on the cenotaph, plus names and photos of local men who served and did not return. There was also one woman, I assume she was a nurse, although nothing was said about her. The cenotaph was surrounded with pots of handmade poppies.

poppies were growing in the big raised garden beds outside the adult ed centre.
It was a good opportunity to reflect on those who have served the country and given us the life we enjoy today.

the last petal of the last flower has begun!!

a few more stars have been finished.

I have had these little fabric packs for ages, I decided Saturday afternoon to sew them together, I am not sure why as I have plenty of other things to be doing!!

I finished two, I think I will border them and then decide what to do from there.
I was packed and ready for sit and sew at Portarlington today and then realised it is the wrong day, so I had better go and unpack, take my library books back to the library bus and then get sewing.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday sewing

I was going to head this Saturday sewing and then realised we are not at Saturday yet!! Whew!! Time is zipping by quickly enough with out me losing days!!
I have been sewing away today on the Recycled Archibald portrait, which is a challenge for the Guild, and it has been very challenging, I think my ideas need to be backed up with more knowledge, however, this is where I am today
She is the Masked mask wearer...we were given some things that had to be used, the braid is one, the eye mask another, although that could have been on the head somewhere,  I have a lace collar to add and three gold buttons and anything else I have in my stash or in the house! I had the mask and decided to use it but then decided to cover it up a bit as it is scary!! I had planned to sew the mask onto the fabric but that wouldn't work, so it is now glued on. I have also glued on the "fringe" so am hoping that will help keep the mask in place too.

I also made some silhouettes to go on the next Aussie Hero Quilt 

this is part of the quilt as the request, one part was for the Aussie flag
the figures might go here, he also asked for remembrance, and poppies, they are still to come.

Last night two more stars joined the family.
Tonight I am planning on getting back to Doing the Rounds, but have found an interesting programme on Netflix so I might get distracted!