Thursday, April 19, 2018

Vanishing time

I do not know where the last week had gone,one minute it was Monday, now it is Thursday! Going by too fast for me!  I have been working on Doing the Rounds, and am up to securing the ends of the peels,
I needs a good press but no point now when I am still sewing it!

these birds were at the boat launching ramp when we had a walk on Tuesday.

Today was very still and calm

two visitors

this little fairy wren was buzzing around us..he is just starting to go blue on his tail..not the best photo though is it!!

and this is the KOGO blanket I am working on, have nearly finished one row of double crochet around the edge.
Off to sit in the sun for a while.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wild and windy

The weather has been super windy today, a few rain showers but no storms as was predicted.
I went for a walk along the Bellarine Rail trail and the weather was quite different! I was looking for geocaches, found 2 out of on my way back, I am not sure how I missed it in the first place!

I passed this marker post at one stage G = Geelong, Q = Queenscliff and D = Drysdale.

this grasshopper  kept flying in front of me, so I tried to sneak up for a photo, it had beautiful yellow wings,
this morning however was a different story..
when the Supervisor and I went for a walk, the wind was howling and a few spots of rain fell

Last night I sewed together rows of knitted squares for a KOGO blanket, with the winter fast approaching there will soon be a demand for these.
Today I have made a table runner using a panel from NZ, I have to hand sew the binding. I have free range quilted around the birds and ferns.

and the coasters are finished. Quite like these so I might make some more.
It is cooling down here so I need to go and get some slippers I feet are getting cold!
Happy weekend.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Happy mail

This morning a parcel arrived in the post for me, from the lovely Chooky...I had enrolled but was not able to go to the Scrub Stitching event last weekend, so Chooky kindly sent me the project for the Scrub Stitching weekend.

Fabric, badge and star mug! And lots of brochures of what to see in the area around where Scrub Stitching was held. Hubby and I are going to try and have a holiday in that area at some stage.

the pattern for the project.

This morning I was working on some coasters for presents, they need stitching down now, I had planned to do that this afternoon, but instead hubby and I went to the Geelong Cemetery to try and find the clues for a mystery cache. Hubby lost interest pretty quickly, but we found half of the clues we needed. It was good to be out in the sunshine for the afternoon. 
Happy stitching.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Today was the day to make a block to take to Guild...I have the pattern and the fabric, just not the ability to get it together correctly!! The block is going into a Quilt that will be raffled at the Geelong Agricultural Show in October.
I was too busy watching a movie and not concentrating! Just created a new block!

The one on the left is how is was supposed to be done.

I have been slowly doing some quilting on the Christmas quilt.

This morning when I rode down to St Leonards these guys were doing their morning ablutions and keeping a close eye on the returning fishermen.

Yesterday I came out of the shopping centre in Geelong to see this rainbow, sadly the colours are not as bright in the photo as they appeared to the eye.
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A finish

and some progress has been happening here
Miss Sheepy is finished, after some encouragement from Maria I did machine sewing on both sides of the binding...looks good on the top, on the bottom the stitching has come on and off the binding...I hope I will improve with practice!  Sure finishes off the quilt a lot quicker than hand sewing, although I do enjoy the hand sewing.
I have three more sections on the go for Doing the Rounds, one appliqued, the other two pinned in place. Slowly getting there
The Supervisor and I had a walk along the beach this morning, we only met one other dog today, it was very quiet
lots of weed has been washed in, in the last day.

there are lots of young fairy wrens bounding around in the bushes..luckily this one stayed still long enough for me to get the camera out

this little one was lower down in the bush

spotted this interesting hole in the cloud

and saw this coming, right before we saw lightening and heard thunder, the Supervisor leapt 6 inches in the air and looked all around for the maker of the LOUD noise...thunder does not usually bother him, but outside it must be different.

more cloud travelling towards Melbourne.
We got a little rained on before we got home and there was a heavy shower about 30 mins later, but not much else. The garden really needs lots of rain.
I have to head into Geelong this afternoon,so had better go get ready.
Happy stitching.

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Some more photos of the beautiful quilts at the Quilt Show
This quilt was beautiful, so much to look at

The Reef, with a bleached section

Just loved this one!

this crooked photo is the challenge quilt by Susan de Vanny, we saw photos of this at the class we did with Sue a few weeks great to see she won. The quilt came from her combining two photos and doing some rearranging.

Beautiful birds

These quilts came from the US and were the Cherrywood Van Gogh Challenge, they had to interpret his Stary Night..the blues seen together were stunning.

Loved this guy, the quilting created the effect of his scales and the colours were wonderful.
and this was Obama..the background quilting was the American flag, the face was created using dark brown spots.
I hope you enjoyed a small view of the amazing quilts on show.
Happy stitching.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

FNWF update

I was working on Doing the Rounds last night during FNWF..
This is the orange peel some of the peel have been cut out, starched and pinned ready to applique in place.
I also did some machine quilting but more about that later.
You can see what the other ladies were creating at Cheryll's
Thank you for hosting Cheryll.
Happy stitching.