Friday, April 28, 2017


day of the week already, this week has gone by so quickly! This morning the Supervisor and I had a walk along the beach
and he had a swim...

on our way back home we found some interesting mushrooms, these ones look like fairy umbrellas when they open up

Last night I sewed up a few stars

today I did manage to find my list and then decided to do something different, this might be a challenge or might not...the Gisborne Girls might know.

I did put some sashings on a panel for a baby/child's quilt, and would you believe it the wadding I have is just too small!! Might have to do some cutting and patching, but that is ok as Fiona showed how to do this on her blog last post. 

I have also been doing some browsing in books as the Geelong Patchwork and Quilting Guild have an exhibition in November and the challenge is to make a dolls Coverlet, so I am looking for ideas. It is a good excuse to look through books I have in the shelf that have never been used!
Also next month is the GPAQ Quilt In day, which should be a great day
Hope to see you there.
Happy sewing.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

This morning

I made a list of things I was to do today, to motivate myself....I have just gone to look for the list ( 5.20pm) and I can't find it!! So much for that idea!!! I know I did get some things done
three extra nine patches to go on the row by row quilt

made and joined on and the row is still too short, 

so I measured carefully, calculated seams and added two strips on the ends....

bummer!!! Still too short, so that has been chucked in the to look at later pile!! I have a bad habit of starting things and not measuring first, at least here I was using up left over fabric and blocks. Might just add a tiny strip on each end  in the spirit of scrap quilts, or is that taking it too far??

Next I made a strip to go on an Aussie Hero quilt , the request is for Aboriginal art and NRL and Melbourne Storm.....but then hubby came in and said,

you can not put that strip (Melbourne Storm) with that Aboriginal fabric, they do just not go!! I know they do not go but that is the request and I was given this quilt top to use in an Aussie Hero quilt and this seems like the time to use it. So what do I do now??? Aboriginal fabric that I have is earthy colours and Melbourne Storm is purple and yellow.....any ideas gratefully received!!

Then I got distracted and discouraged and went and looked at a book called Remembering Adelia, a book of doll sized quilts, made in the American Civil war type fabrics. Down the back of the book was a Housewife Needle Case also known as a Huswife. I didn't know that soldiers away at the war did their own sewing and carried one of these in their haversack to hold needles, thread, buttons and maybe scissors. So I thought I would have a go.

the finished huswife

and inside. Pockets for thread and scissors and a needle keep at the top. Yay I got something right today!!  A really beautiful huswife was made by Tracee, much more flash than mine.
Last night I finished the binding on the quilt for the Children's Hospital. All ready for the next Guild meeting.
This afternoon I decided to walk down to the PO
the pelicans were resting down near the boat ramp

and snoozing

for some reason this panorama photo looks like it has been cut in the middle

there were some interesting looking clouds about today. 
I am happy to be back home and in the warm.
Happy sewing.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


started out a lovely day, sunny and not too cold, but then the weather packed up and we had rain, hail and cold wind!! I went down to sewing group at St Leonard's, I did some stitching on the Christmas stitchery, not a lot of a lot a chatting happened! We  had a new lady come for a look today and so we  had lots to chat about. Lynda showed us a quilt she had made for her brother
This is made in the colours in his local pub in Ireland! The back is all in two and a half inch strips of the fabric left from the front. Great isn't it??

We have many of these in the garden at present, no fairies or gnomes to be seen though!! They do yellow where your fingers touch them so we are not eating them!! Better to be safe!
Time to ring my Mum in NZ so had better shake a leg!!
Happy sewing.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I have been at home today, keeping out of the rain for the morning and watching the parade in Melbourne on the TV

these planes flew over the Air Force part of the march, and not long after flew over the house here.

The walk up to the Shrine of Remembrance 

family members are in that group somewhere, the last group in the parade, who were stopped on their way up the concourse as it was time for the service to start..

No 2 son behind and to the right of the camera reflection, hubby's cousin Kerry and Aunt Lobby,

hubby and his aunt...not such good photos when you are taking them from the TV and the subject is moving!!

bagpipe band following them up.

View up to the Shrine.

I have finished the sewing and the crochet edge on this KOGO blanket,

and the hand stitching of the binding on this quilt, from the Guild, for the Children's hospital,

and this KOGO blanket has been stitched and the crochet edge is now being done. Good activity for a wet and rainy day, while listening to an audio book.
I have to go and peel veges for a roast for tonight, so had better head off to the kitchen!!
Happy stitching.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Guild day

Yes, it is that time again and we had Guild today,not a huge crowd, no speaker and just a little show and tell, but it was a good day.
Marg was discussing her quilt and thinking about how it would be quilted..a discussion followed!

Lesley showed her quilt, which had been beautifully quilted...

This quilt started it's like red and green and when washed for the first time the colour ran, so the owner picked up a colour remover from the supermarket, didn't realise she had the wrong one and this is the colour the quilt ended up. It looks very pretty but was not what was originally intended.

The Dignity quilt is done, and the label signed and the fabric mosaic of the boys is also finished. happy dance here!!

I think I have shown this quilt before but now it is is just beautiful. 
It is a Hoffman fabric Fiona.....Tracee is attempting to track it down so we will let you know if it is found. 

Here is a small selection of the pieces done for the Artisans of Geelong display Fabric of the Community.

This is Lisa's snowball and nine patch quilt, she is doing the the bright colours.

Tracee and Lisa stitching away.

A quilt made by Pat with some fabric brought back from Japan the photo does not do it justice!! It is double sided, the back is just as attractive as the front.
We are off out for dinner so I had better get myself organised.
Happy sewing.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Today hubby and I ventured into the city by problems from this end it was a good trip. I got the tram up to Spring St and then walked. I was hoping to see some of the War Quilts that Fiona has been sharing with us on  her blog. I couldn't find them anywhere and when I asked one of the info ladies she said they had been at the show last year!! Bummer!!! The powers that be had not updated the web site properly, I was not the only person who had asked for their Fiona you were right, the quilts can not be in two places at the same time!!!
But I enjoyed the quilts on display and ran into Shez, Barb and Ann,  so it was a pleasure to see some familiar faces. Photos were allowed for private use, so here we go!!
Just loved this one, kangaroo in Aussie fabrics

with a butterfly nose!!How cute is that??

these are both beautiful!

this was HUGE!! Loved the colours!

this was from an 11 meter quilt made by a NZ quilter, she made one block a day in her 60th year, I liked this saying.

the info about her and the quilt

part of the quilt

one walk way in the quilt display

a variation on the good old clamshells, beautifully made

this is blurry I am sorry, taken in a hurry between bodies!!An amazing pixilated quilt, taken from a photo of an adopted child from Africa.

another quilt made one block each day for a year

I do not fully understand how it was made but the explanation is here.

this one is all done by hand, and over time using fabric scraps

I could have taken so many more photos, but restrained myself!! It was a great show to go and look at.  I did have a look at the traders but it was very crowded and after begin told by one woman I had touched the pattern she was going to buy I decided to call it a day.

The back of the Exhibition Buildings, it is an amazing building,inside and out.

and the trees in the park next to the building...just starting to drop their leaves.
The train trip home was long as someone on the train in front of us was an unruly passenger and had to be removed by the police. We sat in Footscray station for ages and were 30 mins late getting into Geelong, then we had to get off our train and wait for the next one to get to Geelong South. But all was good I had some stitching so the time passed fairly quickly The Supervisor was waiting for us when we got home so I took him on a walk to the beach.

a little different weather that yesterday.  But the cobwebs got blown away!
Hubby has dinner sorted and the pizza has arrived so I am off to eat while it is hot.
Have a great weekend.