Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Birthday outing

Hubby asked me what I would like to do on my birthday, so I replied, let's get the ferry to Sorrento and ride our bikes along the foreshore and look for geocaches.  You should have seen his face!! Not his idea of fun, but he agreed and off we went.
This mural is next to where the ferry leaves from at Queenscliff

This looks all dark and moody, it was just cloudy but not cold, waiting for the ferry to come in.

The cloud is lifting as we crossed on the ferry, it was the smoothest crossing I have been on.

At one stage we got off the bikes and walked along the path to find a cache, only for me to realise it was 23 m up a cliff face and we had to go back and try to find another path.....which we did, I was looking for a tree, then realised I was reading the wrong clue and the cache was under the handrail where where we were standing! 🤪🤪🤪nothing like making the searching more difficult.

We saw some amazing views down over the water.

We stopped here for lunch, there was a bbq and seats just back from the beach

Just beautiful, this part of the beach was dog walking beach, several dogs were having a great time in the water.

All good things must come to an end, this is the view from the ferry heading back home.

Back home I had a birthday pink Gin and tonic,  very pleasant 😁

Later that evening these beautiful flowers were delivered, thank you very much Ingrid, they are stunning and the Boronia smells wonderful.
Some sewing has been happening here, 

Four more little stars are completed

This little doll and her elephant are ready to go to the Guild sales table this weekend

And this little Japanese girl will go too. The printed fabrics were in the stash I bought from a local lady a couple of years ago. Hopefully they will sell.
I had better make a move, the Supervisor is getting worried he is not going for a walk!!
Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Another catch up

Last Saturday was Guild meeting
this beautiful quilt was made from a kit

this beautiful cat quilt was also made from a kit

It is a challenge to me to try and get a photo of Tracee and Marg.....I got the hand block in this photo but it was the best one!

Sunday we had the boys and their partners over for lunch, we were celebrating Adam's 30th birthday. Even Hank the Labrador got into the photo!!

We had a wander along the beach after lunch, it was a little cool!

Today I received the next block of the Old Time Kaleidoscope, I haven't started the last one yet!! Woops!

Yesterday I got a lovely package in the mail from Ingrid, hubby would not let me open it until today.
There are two patterns, animal inspiration cards, a sticker and bag for taking a book to the beach, or some hand sewing to group..lots of uses.

I was given a bottle of strawberry flavoured gin for my birthday, so today is tasting day! It is very nice!!

Ingrid also made me this - look at all those triangles (90 in all I am told)- I had to ring Ingrid and ask what this is a sewing machine cover. The little pockets go at the front and it ties at each end. Perfect. I have a tea towel over mine, so now I will be very much up market!

The machine cover has been approved by the Supervisor I am happy to say!
Ok I am off to sample more gin, and try to finish some sewing for the sales table at the Guild Exhibition this weekend. Nothing like last minute!
Happy stitching.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Going home day

Today is the last day of the retreat, after lunch it will be home time. We have all been busy and very productive.
Maria is working on another quilt top

Love this suitcase filled with quilts

I finished a cushion cover this morning, sorry it is sideways.

Made some crazy quilt blocks with the papers Ingrid sent me.

I finished the kitchen chook, had a little bag of rice inside to keep it steady.

Four shopping bags are done.

Sue has made 2 rows of her Grandmothers Braid.

Carleen has started a kit that she has had for a while.

Maria is making a bag for the quilt top.

Linda is working away at her clamshell.

Barb is working on her beautiful little stars

Part of the group looking at Linda's beautiful hexies quilts.

Linda's beautiful hexies quilt.

Maxine working away on a baby quilt

Hee hee, Maxine and I, I still need lots of selfie practice!!
We have had a great time, soon it will be clean up and lunch and home.
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Day 1 and 2 are nearly over now. I had to run down the road to get a charge cord for my tablet and phone as I left the THREE I already have at home! Lots has been done here, lots of eating, laughing chatting has been happening.  I have been working on a fish quilt and it is now finished.
This will go to the hospital once it is quilted.

Maxine is working on her clamshells

Linda is also making some clamshells

Lyn is hand quilting

Sue is making a Grandmothers Braid quilt

Barb is doing applique, I didn't get photos of everyone's work. Maybe tomorrow.
This afternoon Carleen and I went out to do some geocaching in the sunshine  we had great success, and I even

Got to climb part way up this tree!! Going up was good  but coming down was a challenge. Think I might be getting too old for this!!
While we were searching for caches we found this beautiful little native orchids.
I am off now to do a bit more sewing.
Happy stitching.

Friday, October 11, 2019

A finish

Last night I finished another Old Time Kaleidoscope block.
Blogger has decided this photo needs to go sideways!!
Today I went into Geelong with a list of messages to do, but I made time to go to the 

and have a look at the quilts. I was pleasantly surprised as there was no cost to go and look at these quilts, the other exhibitions I have been to here you have had to pay $8.00.

This was my favourite

There were lots of different ideas and styles, these are just a few of them.
I had a great day, bought some fabric, went to the library, collected my resized wedding and engagement rings, bought a new top (always fun!) now I am home and off to the sewing room.
Have a wonderful weekend.