Thursday, September 29, 2016


I have tidied enough to get my new machine out of the box....helped that hubby was doing a tip run and wanted the box!! Makes for a much clearer floor.
this is a dark photo isn't it!!! I will have to try again in the day time!! I am very lucky to have a Brother Dreamweaver....a bribe to move house from hubby!!!
this is the view out the sewing room window...can be distracting!! 
I had to wind another bobbin......woops

The end of the cotton got away on me and so there is yards of cotton wound underneath the bobbin holder....that will keep me busy getting that off.
It has been a sunny day you today but now, about 5ish, the weather is changing
some rain might be falling over the bay.
I am playing with some quilt squares for the Guild, it is a good opportunity to play with the machine 
not sure they are 100% right but they will do. 
I had better go and untangle that cotton!! 
Happy sewing.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Yesterday (super photo heavy)

I met Tracee and Margaret in the city to have a look at the Making the Australian Quilt exhibition...the train trip was 30 clam shells in length
luckily the train started from South Geelong so I got a seat no problems.
We decided to go and have a look at the Kylie costume exhibition at the Arts Centre, we got our buildings mixed up and ended up in the National Gallery 
we found theses interesting mirrors curved around like the inside of a shell

having many images of yourself is a bit confronting!! 

the roof of one of the huge galleries was amazing

Marg instructed and Tracee demonstrated the correct way to view the ceiling!! 

just beautiful!

of course we had to have a photo with the water wall and yes Marina I did stick my finger in the water!!!

now we head back to the right building!!

and had a look at Kylie's costumes, they are stunning and interesting to see the changes thru the years.

This display was in the same building, these little houses were available for decoration and then the owner was suppoes to take photos of them in different locations and put it on an internet site...would have been good to do..

this my one of my favourites!!

loved this one too

there was a large baby hanging from the roof in Fed Square..the idea was to remind us we need to play sometimes and not be attached to a screen. There were big balls underneath with smaller balls inside, play with them and entertain the baby. Was interesting to watch children playing, the boys were interested in crashing, the girl I saw was working out what was happening to the inside balls.
And so to the Quilt exhibition...I will let the pictures do the talking here

loved this one made with ribbons from cigars

the lovely girls!!

Coming home was a bit of an ordeal, the train was late arriving, it was super full so no seat, it stopped at Geelong and I had to get off and wait for the next one to get to South Geelong and the took me over 2 hours to get home, was a bit tired by then. But i had a great day and wonderful company!
I had better make a move, the Supervisor has a vet check up visit and hubby wants to move his car which is in front of mine.
Happy sewing.

Catching up...again

This last week has been busy with packing moving and cleaning, but I did go to the Guild meeting last Saturday and caught up with Tracee and Margaret. The committee has introduces a theme for show and tell each month, this month was Spring and there were some beautiful quilts on display.
this is Margarets beautiful French Braid quilt

Bronwyn  made this hand and thread painted wall hanging 

one spring quilt and another from a class I think

31st birthday cake for the Guild, made by the daughter of one of the members
Our speaker for the day was Christine Lethlean from The Margie and Burt Studios in Clunes. She does some beautiful work, using recycled fabrics

this one had t bag pieces in the backing .
One day this week I decided to do some gardening here and noticed this tree has burst into flower, really tight ball like flowers

and the fig tree leaves are slowly getting bigger, they looked wonderful against the blue sky!

and everywhere I looked there were patches of bulbs in flower

It is wonderful seeing what comes into a new garden with the changing of the seasons.
Have a great day.

Friday, September 16, 2016


has been a day of packing boxes and walking up and down stairs and then unpacking boxes!! I know it will be good next Monday when the furniture goes in, less to unpack but I am a bit tired of it I must admit!! Late this afternoon I had a wander in the garden and then when I got home I found Shez had put some photos on her blog of our garden...well here are some more!!
the wargamers supplies, only a small part of them!!

the wisteria is in flower...same time as yours Fiona

this plant has a long way to just a baby!

looking up to the back fence

Ethel seems very happy

the fig tree is starting to get leaves

the echium (I think) is flowering beautifully, and has lots of visiting bees

the plum tree blossom is nearly finished, the leaves are coming out now

the view from the back to the house

the grevillea's are in flower and have many wattle birds visiting , the bottle brush is beautiful too.

love the colours of the new oak tree leaves and the delicacy of the grevillea flower
and finally the proud painter in his new war gaming empire!! He has been very busy painting the last few days, the room is ready for the furniture to be moved into now.
I was going to pack a few more boxes but now I think I might have a G & T and a soak in the bath with a book! Might even do some sewing later.
Happiness to you.