Saturday, March 23, 2019


We arrived this morning, about 9.30, got thru customs, collected our bags, found the shuttle bus people and then waited for the shuttle form a while. Finally got tomthe hotel about midday. This afternoon we have been for a wonder along Waikiki beach and checked out many shops.
The view from out hotel 

Waikiki beach where we sat and had lunch.

This beautiful big tree was along the beach a ways.

Now we are back at the hotel and I have my feet up! A Bud and a book I am happy. I have heaps of hand stitching to do but am too tired, it was too dark to sew on the plane, might get to it tomorrow.
We have a slow morning tomorrow, can stay in the room here until midday, we get  picked up by a shuttle bus at 12.30 and get taken to the ship, so no internet for me for 7 days, but then I will be back.
 Happy stitching.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

One thing

I enjoy when I go for a walk is driveways or paths that wind and weave so you can't see the end.
a drive way I pass on my walks

the entrance to Edwards Point

walk way to the beach.

The desert rose still has lots of flowers, love how they get more pink as they age.

I sent of my blocks to NZ for the healing hearts quilt, pus three chubby knitted hearts to go with some quilts.

Yesterday I was given some figs, so made a batch of fig and ginger jam as you do!! Tastes good too.

I have finished the mosaic on the bird bowl, needs to set now and then it will be grouted.

Today I cut and cut and cut and I have 80 One Block Wednesday blocks cut ready for sewing.
They will not be sewn for a while as I am off on a holiday tomorrow and not sure what wifi I will be able to access. 
Flying to NZ then flying to Hawaii

and going on a cruise around the islands there. I am going with Jenny and we are celebrating her soon coming 60th.
Happy stitching. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A finish

The sewing bag/bucket is finished, I did the hand sewing on the binding while watching TV last night.
Yay, project completed.
Today I had to go into Geelong to pick up my car, so decided a quick diversion into the fabric shop was needed, I decided to make a few blocks for the appeal  put out by Angels in Gumboots for blocks to make quilts for the families of the people who lost their lives in Christchurch last Friday.

This afternoon I completed 5 blocks
It is wonderful to go to the Angels in Gumboots page and see all the wonderful responses! Restores your faith in human kind.

These are the instructions if you are in making a few blocks the address to send them to is on the fb page. (Different address to the pattern I now see)
another packet arrived in the mail today from Shiralee Stitches for the Old Time Kaleidoscope quilt. More challenging cutting to be done!
Time to sort some dinner, happy stitching.

Monday, March 18, 2019

I came

Home early from sit and sew at Bellarine as I wanted to get on with the Scrub Stitching sewing bucket, but first I decided to make another dress with an adapted top.
The top is inside out, I took off one row of lace and cut back the under fabric, it came down over my bum very snuggly 😊 the top came from the op shop.

This fabric came from Lincraft and cost $5.00. I pleated a little pinned and sewed, then had a little panic as I thought I had twisted the top, but I managed to sort it out.

Ta dress , slightly wonky hem line but I am happy.

Ok my first effort, I put the base on inside out...

So I corrected that and got the base sewn on only to find I now had it upside down!!!😭😳😳

Finally got it together..yay!! 

David was hanging out for dinner but I wanted to get the binding on ready for hand sewing.
Dinner has now been eaten, I am off to sew on the binding.

Friday, March 15, 2019


has been happening here over the last few days
Four packs of the Old Kaleidoscope Blocks ready to be sewn together

I have cut several strips of fabric ready to cut further into pieces for the One Block Wednesday blocks, I will get back to them shortly.
Yesterday the Supervisor went for our amble along the beach, is was a beautiful morning 

Little fairy wrens were bobbing around in the grass

the big gull was in residence on the end of the wall

the gulls were having a rest

or maybe doing the morning yoga?

the desert rose is flowering beautifully, it is so pretty.

The Supervisor had a little rest in the back yard when we got back.
I am listening to the TV as I am writing this and hearing about the shocking shooting that has just happened in NZ, it is so sad we as humans just can't respect others and get on with each other.
I am off to my happy place in the sewing room.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Home again (photo heavy)

Thursday morning we flew up to Sydney to catch up with some German friends we met in Samoa five years ago. We have visited them twice in Germany and they have visited us once here, they were only in Sydney this year hence the trip up.
Thursday afternoon we had a walk through some of the city, the old buildings are great to see.
We went in to the Queen Victoria building, what an amazing place and such beautiful shops, most of which I could not even afford to walk into!!!

this clock was hanging in one end of the building, it showed scenes of the Sydney area and the sailing boat (in between two scenes) marked the seconds. It was fascinating. Hubby found a shop selling war gaming figures so that kept him occupied for a while and along from that was a shop selling beautiful things from Turkey and Syria and Damascus. Two things came home with us...I will put a photo of them up tomorrow

this is part of a chess board, made in Syria, the young man told us this craft is dying as no one is learning to continue this craft because of the war. I could see quilt patterns!

the whole chess board. It was a beautiful shop with lots of treasures I could have brought home!

A beautiful window in the Queen Victoria building

and the ceiling dome.

another clock, hubby liked this one! The restoration in the building is stunning.
We had a wander and out dinner at Darling Harbour.
The nest day we went on the ferry to Manly

this man was entertaining, but sadly most people walked past and ignored him.

the Harbour Bridge as we pulled out.

The Opera House and a huge cruise ship in the background, I found out last night friends from NZ are on it.

Views on the way.

Once in Manly we went for a walk along the water front to a sheltered beach, this sculpture was by a swimming pool on the sea edge.

the obligatory tourist photo!!

Hansjorge and Edith chose this house to be theirs!!

It was windy but warm at the beach, we had lunch under some shady trees and then headed back to the ferry.

Best view heading back in to the city.

View from the train platform looking back outside.

After dinner at the hotel hubby and I went for a walk thru Kings Cross to find this fountain he remembered from the 60's.

this was just next to the fountain.
So we are back home and all is back to normal. I have had a kit to make a market bag for ages and seeing Fiona make hers has motivated me to get mine done.

I am giving it to my sister in law for her 60th and will fill it with wine, cheese, biscuits nuts and fruit and maybe some chutney and goodies like that.
I have some hexies to cut out so had better make a move and get them done.
Happy stitching.