Saturday, June 16, 2018


Back home and yesterday I unpacked the case and started to put things the same time took photos of some of the purchases I made while away.
Fountain pens and ink from a lovely shop on Granville Island, Vancouver, called Paper - Ya,  plus my very own mints!!

I ummed and ahhed over this pattern for ages and decided not to buy it as I had enough and unbeknownest to me Donna went and bought it and it appeared in my bag later in the day!! Thank you Donna I love it!

some fat quarters and little bitty bits I could not leave behind.

fat quarters opened out, these were from the quilt shop in Canmore, such an amazing place.

I could not leave this panel behind!

this kit was from an Alaskan quilt shop, the Rushin Tailor, and was supposed to be my ONLY quilt purchase to remember the trip! That shop was wonderful too, so many incredible batiks.

then I found these pre cut animals and got the fabric to make the suggested quilt!

This beautiful book is by Barbara Lavallee, an artist from Alaska, her paintings are just beautiful.

some bear cut outs had to come home with me

some beautiful measuring spoons from the ship shop

this was a present from Nancy, a facebook friend we visited, we also watched the real humming birds at her house

these were from the Christmas shop  in Banff

this was a present from Audrey who we stayed with on Vancouver remember our trip by

and two lovely mug mats she made for me!
So many I had better go and continue tidying up the unpacking.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Visit to Vancouver Island (photo heavy)

After successfully navigating or way into Vancouver airport and the Car rental area, we returned the car, caught the train, then got a bus and then got the ferry and we were in Vancouver Island, where we were met by Audrey. Audrey's husband is in poor health at the moment so we were restricted in what we could do, but they have a lovely sun room on the back of their house and we were happy to sit and watch the birds in the garden and play with the cats!
We did have a drive around to Chemainus
and looked at the murals on the shop walls

loved this one

lots of interesting buildings 

Audrey took us to a secret garden and icecream shop

we all loved these carvings

Family ice cream outing 

beaver joined in too!

and the tourist

such beautiful carvings

Lots of these were hanging along the street

bears on the roof!!

a bit fuzzy but a humming bird at the feeder at Audrey's house

beautiful sun set

a hummer having a rest late in the evening

One of Audrey's cats...Charlie...he was most friendly and got attached to Donna and wanted to come home with us!
I think that is probably enough for today!
More tomorrow.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


Last night was Friday night and I did attempt to join in with the other virtual sewers , but after a days travel and dinner out not a lot got done!!
The hexies are for the Doing the Rounds quilt.
Thanks to Cheryll for hosting us you can see what other people got up to over on her Blog
Happy stitching.

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Today we drove from Jasper to Kamloops...we were watching out for wildlife and we were lucky to see two canada geese, two deer, elk and a was a black bear munching something on the side of the road

We also saw the last of the snow covered Rockies and are now down in the farm lands. We had hoped to see moose but have been told they are still high up in the mountains.  Tomorrow we head back to Vancouver, so an early night is the go. I had planned to do some stitching but am not sure I have the tiring sitting in a car all day!! 😆😆

Friday, June 8, 2018

Banff to Jasper

We had a day of driving and stopping to look at amazing scenery yesterday as we went thru the Rocky Mountains.

This was next to a lake and there was a glacer on the mountain

Tourist at the Columbia Icefields...the glacier has receeded a huge amount but we are lucky to still see it from the road and car park, we could have gone on a trip up the glavier but it took 3 hours, time we didnt have so we went to the Sky Walk instead 

800 odd meters above ground level walking on a clear walkway..took me a minute to be able to walk along it and then I had to hang on and not look down! We had a great view of the mountains and saw some mountain goats feeding on impossibly steep looking slopes. 

Then we next stopped al Athabasca Falls
Amazing power of the water coming thru the fall

It has ground this channel thru the rocks

And then comes out calmly into this river...apparently bears and elk across here to get to food, none seen today sadly.
Off to Jasper we go. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Today we have visited Canmore to find the quilt shop...and we did...oh boy what a place. ..a few photos to give you and idea

This is what you see as you walk up the stairs to the quilt shop, I would have loved to bring lots home, but only so much can be squeezed into the luggage!!

Beautiful street art in Canmore
Back in Banff I went out to do some geocaching 

This moose is outside a hotel down the road.