Friday, July 5, 2013


Today I was wandering along the beach, looking out to sea, looking at the other people walking - then I saw a man walking along playing a banjo - I tried not to stare honest, but that is something I have never seen before!  Then this caught my eye
How is it I can find heart shaped stones - 2 in 2 days - but I can't see a whale!!! I spent 2 hours at the Woolgoolga Headland watching out to sea - nothing after the first hour, along came a family, they sat down and saw 2 pods of dolphins and then whales out on the horizon! Well the horizon is a very  long way away and I can't see that far with just my eyes!! They were lovely people though and let me look at a photo they had taken - huge camera lens -  and the whale was a little white shape but it was a whale, so now I am happy I have seen one!
Woolgoolga Headland.
So tonight I am going to participate in FNWF - I think- will be thinking of the wonderful people I know who craft and quilt and stitch while I am working on my hexies.

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Anonymous said...

so glad you finally got to see your whale,happy stitching.xx