Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yarn bombing 2

We went to the park this morning to a place where we had seen little white crochet hearts on a bridge.....but sadly they were gone, we had planned to add our flowers to the hearts,  but we decided to add some  decoration of our own anyway!!
Tania doing her magic and Ollie waiting patiently

some of our crochet flowers

playing in the park!!

Tania's crochet flower

part of our work....I think it needs some more....maybe next week.

I saw this tree in the city today, we drove past so didn't have the chance for a closer look, but it was bandaged from ground to tips of branches and flowers around the trunk

the message said "Toot for the tree" - maybe it is to be cut down? Kind of fitting with the yarn bombing that we have been doing.

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Anonymous said...

what a lovely idea Sue and Tania.xx