Sunday, September 29, 2013

Work in progress

Work in progress for the day today...I am attempting a raggy seams quilt to go downstairs here at St Leonard's, but I have to watch over this fabric as Tania is coveting it!! Have to check her bags before we go home!! Lol!!

slowly getting the diagonal quilting done in between chatting and cups of tea!

hexies are all sewn to resort to the machine as this needs to be finished soon!!

So as we were having a sewing day.....we went shopping!!! Tania and I have decided to restart an idea we had a while ago, where we write up the craft we have done each day and we attempt to do at least 10 minutes a day.....will keep us motivated we reckon!! Lol!! So we got a journal each, I found some Xmas cards ( I am not ready for Xmas yet!!) and a little candle. 

Tania bought me this beautiful mug, flowers on one side.....

and butterflies on the other...really pretty isn't it?

then we went over the road to the crystals etc shop and came out with another candle - cinnamon scented, perfume, incense, and little container to burn the cone incense in. Not bad for a day in sewing!!! Lol!!

Back to work......

and Tania is working on her secret project, she is busy with quilting here. 

Guess who wanted to come inside??? Not with that huge drool my man!!!! Maybe later.


Melody said...

Sounds like a really fun day

Anonymous said...

what an awesome day you too had and i bet there was a bit of mischief there as well,lol.xx

Farm Gate Creations said...

Sounds like you two are having a great all of the little gifts that you have spoilt your selves with..mmm wondering if those projects are due on Wednesday.

Elyte said...

Hope you girls had a great and very productive time.