Thursday, October 3, 2013

Catching up!

Well our lovely time at St Leonard's is over and it is back to nearly normal!! I think we managed to do mostly taking and tea drinking but we did manage to get some sewing done but I couldn't blog thanks to Telstra and their confusing instructions is what we got up to..
this bag or lovely left over bits from the gorgeous Sharon of Lilabelle Lane has slowly been turned in to....

this...38 strips done and 33 left to go!! Phew!!

this is the quilt I have been repairing ....I am working on the last few hexies to fill the gaps...I am still having a problem with random..but I will  get there!!
Most mornings were like this....gray, howling wind and not much fun to be outside, but it was perfect weather.....

for finishing that book that hadn't been finished!!

Tuesday afternoon we went for a walk in between rain showers and it was really nice to be outside, we were watching the huge cloud travelling over in front of us, how it was changing as it moved across the city and I guess dropped it's load!

the sea was reasonably calm but we did get caught by a rain shower just before we got back inside.

after much crawling around on the floor Tania had her next project, a Halloween wall hanging sandwiched! Now for the hand quilting! No pressure though!! lol!

And these are my finishes for the time we were at the beach, baby hexies all done, Halloween table runner with the binding completed, two Christmas wall hangings with the binding completed, and a yellow/orange table runner completed. Sadly the raggy seams quilt has been sidelined for the moment, DH didn't like it, so I have to rethink, I now think I will put it together in a different way.
Our Wednesday night challenge for last month, unveiling last night, was to use the Accu GO cutter and make something, so I cut out the hexagons, hand sewed them together, then sandwiched, stitched, turned out....

and free range quilted around some of the flowers. I was very happy with the end is amazing how you can go from thinking you don't have the time to get something finished to finishing it and having time to spare!
I had to do the happy dance to celebrate finishing the repair job on the quilt!! LOL!!


shez said...

lol love seeing you do the happy dance well done on finishing it Sue,lots of lovely pics ,you achieved quite alot.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

A very interesting project repairing the Hexie quilt. Glad you have had a great time. Lovely use of Sharon's scraps.

marina said...

a very productive time away.
happy dancing is compulsory when you finish a hexie project! lol
Love the hexie finishes. The golden hexies look great and the quilting around the flowers is a great idea.