Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sit and Sew

Today we had a sit and sew session at the Patch and Quilt shop in Gisborne - sadly not everyone could come due to sick grand children and mothers with broken ankles and work! But we had a good gathering and everyone enjoyed themselves, things were a little quiet due to the absence of Shez!!  Tee Hee I can say that cos she isn't here to wop me over the head for being cheeky!!! Lol!!
Serious work being done by Chris and Donna

Tania and Chris


Marina (Gisborne) and Marina (from the outer suburbs) - well part of her!! 

Tracee was working on this block

Marg was stitching...and shopping, Lol!!

This is Chris's beautiful work,

Donna is attaching Canada to her fabric!! lol!

And this is lunch!! How is this!!! No shortage of food here!!

And Marina made the drive up from the city, or the outer suburbs as she said!!

And explored the blue fabrics she had been thinking about since her last visit in Feb.

AND Marina made her baked ricotta cheesecake for us and it was amazing!!!! There is a link to the recipe on Marina's blog! It was requested by Tracee but enjoyed by us all! 

This is what Marina (from the outer suburbs)  is working these sayings!

And over on the noisy table - (yes Shez we had one!!!) these two laughed over something until they cried - I am still waiting for them to share!!

When we tried to take a group photo - the old set up the camera on a shelf and run to get in to the photo trick, guess who wasn't paying attention???? Yes Marina and Tracee decided to have a fabric conversation instead, luckily Tania, Marina (Gisborne one) Anette, Marg, Donna, Chris and myself were paying attention!!

But once I had spoken to them and squashed them at the other end of the photo we got a great shot!! They are cheeky girls!! Lol!!

Here are the die hards, the last to leave....Sue, Tania, Marina, Marg and Tracee. Thank you to Marina for driving up to join us, we appreciated the effort and loved your company! Looking forward to when we meet again behind the orange door!!
Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

Oh I sew missed you girls,when is the next one? I owe Sue a whoop over the head,lol,what fun you girls are having and yes I am not surprised that there was a naughty table hmm sorry noisy table,lol,hope to see you guys soon.xx

marina said...

thanks for a lovely day, I really enjoyed myself with you guys.
Nice to not be on the noisy table lol
Need to work on that attention disorder too before the next get together.

Helen said...

Looks like so much fun, stitching and great food what more could you ask for !

Fiona said...

a lovely post... great fun, great friends, great food, great fabric....

Chookyblue...... said...

it's great to be able to get together and sew..............

Elyte said...

Glad Marina represented us so well. So disappointed to have missed the day. Looks like you organised the perfect day. Did you find out what Marg and Tracee were laughing about?

Moose-ings said...

Can we do that again, please?! :-)

Farm Gate Creations said...

Such a fun day...the clue to our laughing fit will be found on my blog.