Monday, May 26, 2014

Flimsy flimsied!

Yesterday I got myself away from the book I was reading (finally) and managed to finish the caveman block - I am very happy with him!! And today I have finished the quilt top.
the supervisor has taken up a position on the chair midway between sewing machine and cutting table,

finished quilt top, tomorrow I embark on the sandwiching and quilting, so long as I avoid my book!! (And the house cleaning!!) Lol!!
Mr Caveman!!

Journal cover - work in progress, needs some embellishment and the sewing finished off.
Happy sewing.


Anonymous said...

you have had a good day Sue,and good to see your supervisor keeping you in check,lol.xx

Lyn said...

A fruitful day.neat the photo of the supervisor..just showed it to DH who asked what kind of dog is he??

marina said...

gorgeous picture of Tupai, such a content look on his face.
Well done the top looks really great and the cavemen is a hoot!

Ondrea said...

Love your cave man! Is that your own design? Your supervisor is rather cute. Love that quilt.

debbie said...

The supervisor is gorgeous. Has the look of an old soul around the face :) xx debbie

Elyte said...

Great results with your quilt. Your supervisor has a very casual approach to his job doesn't he?