Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunny afternoon

I had a walk along the beach this afternoon when the sun came out
St Leonard's pier in the distance 

the supervisor having a rest on the way

beautiful peaceful day

back at the pier
I have done some sewing...I have rescued some fabric I started on last year, I was making a raggy seams quilt for my dear husband, got the pieces together and quilted than, laid them out and he said he didn't like it at all!! Bummer!! So back in to the bag it went and on to a shelf and there it stayed until this week when we decided it could go on the couch in the family room 
four little rugs for the KOGO collection, just polar fleecy with the ends hemmed.

these are the squares I have been joining, now I need to hand sew one of the front seams - kind of on hold now - I have 2 more rows to sew together but have somehow managed to damage the walking foot and I just breaks needles now!! Not so good! No more spares here with me! Off to the hand sewing mow I think!!

Blue on the back patterned on the front!
Happy sewing!


Elyte said...

Lovely way to spend a day.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you Sue I will be at Portarlington at the end of the month,can't wait,lovely work Sue,what a shame hubby didn't like the quilt.xx

marina said...

looks like a lovely day at the beach.
lovely projects on the go..

Tania said...

Lovely afternoon for a walk on the beach. The supervisor is looking very handsome there! Lovely sewing to - I am happy to come around and enjoy your quilt... Even if David didn't like it, I love it! xx

Fiona said...

Nothing more restful than some time by the sea.... oh dear.. time for a new walking foot? What machine have you got... someone gave me a spare..