Tuesday, June 3, 2014

52 weeks word photo challenge

Another week has flown by....I couldn't decide what to do for this week, then I had an idea but I now see that is better suited to next week, so here is a photo of myself and my boys, an old one but one where we are having FUN supposedly decorating the Xmas tree. And the supervisor had to get into the photo too - the original photo bomber!! lol!
You can visit Alsha's Space to see the other FUN photos or put up one yourself maybe??
Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

yes i can see it would be all fun and games at your place Sue,lol.xx

Sharyn Baldwin said...

Lovely photograph of you and your boys - yes, you are having fun!

Tania said...

Gorgeous photo of you and the boys - and the supervisor too of course! xxx

marina said...

lovely casual pic of you and your boys!
smiley happy faces and of course the supervisor

Janet said...

Looks like quite the fun time.... only I think you decorated the wrong thing.... it was supposed to be the tree! :)