Wednesday, June 18, 2014

52 weeks word photo challenge

I am trying to get a photo from the camera to the blog, something I do regularly ---and do you think I can do it today? NO!! I don''t know what I am doing  frustrating!!!!
I am going to eat my dinner instead and try again tomorrow!!

Frustratedly yours!!

Ha!!!!! I managed to get the photo in a round about way!!!
The word for this week is PUMP - actually it might be last week - I am a bit behind here. Anyway I found these lurking under the bed - they are equipment I am told for you to PUMP iron!! (Or get exercise.) You can see they  have attracted dust not someone to exercise!! Lol!! 
Off for dinner!!


marina said...

oh no the dust will add weight to the dumb bells!

Anonymous said...

Lol very clever kiddo,well done.xx

Raewyn said...

Great rendition of the word!!