Thursday, July 31, 2014

Smiles and happiness

I received a parcel in the mail Tuesday and opened it to find this lovely pincushion, it is from Jackie - she is spreading happiness and smiles around the world....such a wonderful thing to do!
isn't this cute......I smile every time I look at it so it is achieving it's purpose!

this is the back lovely paisley fabric! Thank you so much Jackie.
You can see the adventures of Jackie at her blog.
Smiling now!!! 
Not my dog but such a happy smile!!
Have a great day!

Oh I nearly forgot it is time to sign up for FNWF over at Cheryll's place.

Happy sewing.Looking forward to seeing what everyone is sewing.


Raewyn said...

Aren't they just darling wee pin cushions!! Such a sweet thing to do. You have a great day too!!

shez said...

that is an amazing thing to do ,to spread smiles ,what an amazing person Jackie is.xx

Elyte said...

A lovely reminder to smile. Thanks x

Janet said...

What a sweet little gift. I would like to spread happiness in the world - wish I had that kind of bubbly personality...