Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday tribulations

I have been sitting here happily sewing the binding onto the star quilt only to find one of the seams has frayed out - I must have sewed too close to the edge of the fabric and the stretching it to be quilted has pulled it out....
Any suggestions on how I fix it please??? I am feeling a bit sad 'cos I was really happy with the work I had done on this quilt!

Here it  is in all its crumpled glory!!

the supervisor of course, it no help wit the sewing but it is always great to have him around.
Happy sewing.


marina said...

what a bummer! not sure how to fix it except to try to hand sew it 'shut'. Can't explain very well how. sorry that's not too helpful is it?

Leeanne said...

I say that supervisor isn't doing his job! haha. You could try to carefully hand stitch the opening closed, then do some quilting over it.

shez said...

Oh no that's a bummer ,I would suggest what Marina said but that might be easier said than done,good luck.xx

Josie said...

I'm with Marina and Shez.... what a bummer!! I'd try to do a hand repair too. I'm no expert but I'd use a bit of fray check on the very edge of the fabric... just as a precaution. Then if you can turn under a little of the fabric that is on 'top' of the seam... if that makes sense. Then use small applique stitches to secure it to the bottom fabric.
Pity the Supervisor didn't spot that earlier.... still he does his best.

Fiona said...

oh no... go with the fray check and handsewing I'd think.. at the end I'm sure it won't show except to you as you know it's there