Tuesday, October 28, 2014


We were talking taken out in the afternoon to this place, where there is a huge area where there used to be a Roman city. Some has been rebuilt, some foundations were left but not a lot of the original buildings, but it is amazing what has been recreated.
As soon as we entered the old city space these chariots were spied and of course we had to try them out!!

Luckily there was a German man here with them and he gave his ok, he said they were having races with them later

Of course when in Rome!!!!!!

Underneath the ampitheatre

Tried a panorama of the ampitheatre area

And again

This is the last remaining part of the temple, it is slowly being rebuilt

I spy a windmill in the distance

A better view of the temple
we drove back in  to Dusseldorf late in the afternoon a big damp and bedraggled, had time for a cuppa or in my case a G & T and then off into the city for dinner
Woo hoo!! This is my dinner, grilled pork knuckle!!

Didn't manage to get through all of it but the meat  was beautiful and tender, just an awful lot of it!!!

Peter and Ellie........he with the schnitzel and she with the sausage lovers plate, plus sauerkraut.
See you like later.

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Moose-ings said...

Interesting, there are Roman ruins all over the Rhine area. Used to visit some while in school when it was very boooring, but now I love history I'd love to see them again. What did you think of Sauerkraut?