Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Special Brew

Today I got onto the Internet and looked up natural rabbit the one who sits on the couch isn't deterring much! Lol! So now I have a brew brewing on the bench...garlic, chilli water and dish washing detergent.....leave to brew for one or two days and then spray on the things you don't want the rabbits to eat.....apparently they do not like strong smelling things......I must have uneducated rabbits as they are eating the rosemary and lavender and they are strong smelling to me........we shall see what happens....

Here is the brew 

and I hope these are the plants I can save

Wednesday group tonight so I off to pack my bag...and not forget to take my stitchery like I did last week! 
Happy sewing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue I hope your mixture works but I agree with you lavender and Rosemary are quite strong smelling plants,lol,have fun tonight and see you Saturday my friend.xx

Fiona said...

don't mix up that brew with any others in the house!!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

They are such pests (like our resident possums) shame they are so cute!