Sunday, November 9, 2014

Travelling memories

As you know I am back home but still have some travel photos to update, so here we go......travelling from Germany to Luxembourg

I think this is in Luxembourg but my memory is hazy as we drove from Germany to Luxembourg to Belgium to France and then on the ferry to England!!
I think this is the old border check point going into longer needed as all these countries are part of the EU.

This could be going into France but DH was taking the photo and missed the sign.....

The weather is changing

Not so good now.....

But we made it to Dunkirk and now are in the queue for the ferry to Dover. You will be pleased to know that the journey was only 2 hours long and left on time and we didn't have time to play with the camera and take silly  photos!! We arrived at Dover in the dark and drove around until we found a guest house. Nice room, but up 3 flights of narrow stairs, no lift no help just us dragging them!!!!! Interesting times!!!!
Happy days.

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