Tuesday, December 9, 2014

52 weeks word photo challenge

I believe it is now week 44 of this challenge and we are nearly at the end....we have two photos for this week, CHAIR and TOE.....so the CHAIR is an old one we inherited from DH's grandparents and is usually covered with fabric, patterns, things I haven't put away yet...lol...but these days it is clear and can actually be sat in! Woo hoo!!
and it is quite comfortable to sit in, now that I can!! Lol!!

this believe it or not is a TOE.....of a lion on a stained glass window we have....was designed by DH's father...and special to us....and because it means nothing like this.... 

here is the full window.
You can see the other CHAIR and TOE photos over at alshasspace.......there are only a couple more weeks of this challenge and then next year it it changing to once a month....would you like to join in??
Have a wonderful day.


Michelle Ridgway said...

Very clever!!!

Leeanne said...

look at that stained glass! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue your pics were very clever this month,well done my friend.xx