Monday, December 22, 2014

52 weeks word photo challenge

This week is the last of our photo challenge organised by Sharyn next year we move on to a monthly challenge...pop over and have a look, maybe you might like to join in next year?? Could be a good idea! There are 5 words to finish up this week the first one....I chose this pincushion the lovely and talented Tracee made for my birthday this year...I think the centre could be called a BALL.
The next word is STONED....I chose this garden at St Leonard's is STONED all over.
The next word is is a blast from the sister and I......I think I was 12/18 months isn't dated so I do not know for the Golly my grandmother made for me.
The next word is CELEBRATE....could not go past this photo of my lovely sewing buddies...we got together to CELEBRATE Christmas.
And the last word ( I can hear your sigh of relief from here!!) is of the many I see in the sandy path when Tupai and I go for a walk at the beach. Well that is it for word photo challenge this year...over at you can see where others link up to post their versions of these words.
Have a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

wow Sue you did so well with all of these challenges.xx

marina said...

lovely finish to your photo challenge.
such a cute baby pic.