Friday, January 9, 2015

Special Day

Today is a special is the first Friday Night with Friends for 2015!!  It seems like only yesterday that we were gearing up for Christmas and now here we are in January 2015!! Time is zipping by so quickly. It is a grey windy day morning with squally showers going past, I am trying to get enthused to take Tupai for a walk, not happening just yet....but with this kind of weather I might start FNWF early!!  Nothing better than sitting on the couch with a cuppa near by and the stitching in my hand!
The lovely Cheryll over at stitchingcubbyhole is the beautiful hostess with the mostest again this  year, why not join up and then pop back to see what the other lovely people have been doing on FNWF.
This was the moon coming up two nights ago..not such a good photo, but I just loved the colour.
and this was the storm coming over on Tuesday evening.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy stitching along with FNWF.


theodora said...

Enjoy your first night !!

Christine M said...

See you tonight, Sue!

Anonymous said...

hi Sue i will be joining you tonight,love your pics,enjoy your day my friend.xx

Jo said...

I have got the heater on . It's the opposite to last weekend.
Happy stitching tonight

Felicia Price said...

Love the pics, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hope the weather gets better soon.