Thursday, October 29, 2015

Busy day

Have been sewing and cutting and sewing today, even managed to cut where I wasn't  supposed to!!
mmmmmm...not what was supposed to I had to go and make another block.....just a slight delay!!!! This is part of some secret sewing that should be already finished!!! 

has been a beautiful day today......had lunch out here today

the supervisor wasn't far away keeping a watchful eye on things!! 
Happy sewing.


Jacquie Morris said...

Oh no!! This I think is normal, cutting where you should not! I do it!! Lol beautiful day indeed!! Look at that sky!!
I so need a supervisor!
Happy sewing to you :)
Smiles :)

shez said...

Hi Sue,hope it wasnt to bad of a cut you made and that you could fix it,just look at that beach,i cant wait to get down there,see you soon buddy xx

Diane-crewe said...

oops! ... enjoy the beautiful weather ... and think of us in the rain .. occasionally xx