Saturday, December 5, 2015

FNWF results

I had a good evening last night, managed to get some secret sewing finished, which is a bit silly in FNWF as I can't show the whole of the results!!!
I had to do some unsewing...partly because I managed to get a tuck,
but mainly because I had the fabric upside down!! Duh!!

Finished.....two zip bags and a shopping bag.....feeling kind of pleased with myself!

I also sewed together these two sarongs to use as a backing for the Kaffe Fasset quilt..nothing like lots of bright colours!
Thank you Cheryll for hosting us once again.....looking forward to 2016!! You can see what other Friday nighters got up to over at Cheryll's blog.
Happy sewing.


Fiona said...

you got quite a heap done especially as you had to sew in reverse a bit!!
I love the sarongs backing...

Cheryll said...

It's always a pleasure having you over Sue... thanks for joining in.
Great effort on last minute gifts too. Well done.
Merry Christmas xox

Sisbabestitches said...

At least the reverse sewing wasn't only cos of a tuck, lol. Lots and lots done even so! Gorgeous sarongs, and a brilliant idea for a quilt back :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue you did have a good night,well done my friend xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Yuk! Reverse sewing! You got a lot done Sue despite it...well done x

Raewyn said...

Looks like a productive night for you inspite of the unpicking. Good idea using the sarongs as a backing :-)

Pamela said...

Wonderful stitching! The bright colors are appealing.

Josie said...

Sarongs.... what a great idea! I bet Kaffe is miffed he never thought of that. You weren't alone in the reverse sewing.... fun eh! xxx