Friday, January 22, 2016


Tonight is Friday Night Sew In and as I have just finished vacuuming I am running a bit behind!! I had big plans for today, but they have vanished in shopping for groceries for the weekend and then cooking, which is not like me, but all I can say, is that it has been raining all day and it is the ideal temp for the oven to be on!!
You can sign up over at Wendy's for an evening of virtual sewing group and then return over the weekend to see what people have been doing

today I have made some muesli, gluten free, with nuts and seeds and puffed rice and millet, some cranberries and dried apple and other goodies
the recipe came from Marg, it was in a magazine just before Christmas, Marg made it and I tasted it and now about six weeks after she gave me the recipe I have made it!! It makes heaps too, considering I will probably be eating it on my own as hubby doesn't do cereal for breakfast! 

while I was at it I made another batch of these breakfast bars...hubby will eat these for breakfast!! Lol!! Mine never comes out golden like the picture though!!

bit of a dull day here today, rained pretty much all day..

but my day was brightened considerably when I found this in the letterbox!! Another wonderful Gail Pan Christmas designs book....might be doing some tracing tonight!! Many thanks to the wonderful Cheryl, who sent me a copy of this book from her place of work the Stawell Craft Shop.
Right I am off to peel potatoes.....yesterday I put a piece of corned beef in the crock pot and went off to sewing....when I finish with the crock pot I unplug it and don't alter the thermostat.....when I got back yesterday afternoon I couldn't smell dinner ....that was because the thermostat was turned off and nothing had happened!!! So guess what we are having for dinner tonight!! Lol!!
Happy sewing.


KERYN B said...

Yum corned beef one of my favourites, your food looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue oohh nnoo i bet you felt like crying,thats something i would do sis,lol.Lovely lot of tracing there and how lovely that your Gail Pan book has arrived and your cooking looks so yummy xx