Monday, April 4, 2016

Sunday sit and sew

Sunday morning I set out bright and early..I was up early as it was day light saving change over night and I always manage to wake up too soon! I set of for Shez's place just before 8am and wandered thru Geelong and off up the road, missing the turn off to Bannockburn!! So I had to do a U turn and go back and find it. My next stop was for a comfort stop in Shelford and I was drawn to the beautiful gum trees on the river bank
aren't they beautiful?? Such a quiet peaceful place, I was tempted to stay a while, but thank goodness I didn't as I got lost again and ended up in Skipton and had to head back along the highway to Scarsdale!! Talk about a tiki tour!! Those who know me will say that is quite normal!! Lol!!!

Shez was busy in the kitchen preparing beautiful lunch food

some chatting happened..Shez, Barb Cheryl..

Annie and Karen working away

Mick, hubby of Cheryl challenged me to a photo...Shorty he called me!!! Lol!! Just 'cos he is 6 ft 8 inches!!! Cheeky bugger!!!

After a wonderful lunch we had a walk down the back of the block to see the new dam

I had a look in the old bus

had a photo with theses lovely ladies.Cheryl, Sheryl, me and Marina.

We had a group photo taken by Mick...which is why it look as though we are being looked down on!! Lol!!!

Ah Ann, you make me laugh every time I see you!!! Wonderful fun lady! And Annie just in the frame is a great funny lady too...all the City girls are come to that!!
It was a wonderful sit and sew day, thank you Shez for looking after us so well, it was a fantastic opportunity to see Cheryl once again and catch up with Tracee, the City Girls, Barb and Karen.
I managed to get home without getting lost, just in time to see the sun going down
Love sunset shots over Eastern Beach. 

and here goes the was so peaceful sitting watching the sun go down.

We were all given a goodie bag from Shez, mine had a Shez towel, some pickle and tomato relish and a special jar of nut butter!!! Yum!!! many thanks Shez for the treats.
Happy sewing.


Anonymous said...

Hi my lovely friend,oh boy i am sorry you got lost next time i will give you directions,lol,lovely spot at shelford,they hold the annual duck races there,i will go one year,just to see all the yellow duckies floating down the river,lol.
So glad you had a wonderful day it was great to catch up with everyone,it was good for the soul to have a good laugh.
Enjoy your goodie bag my friend xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful piccies of a fun day. Yes Mick is tall lol! Love your sunset and trees shots too!

KERYN B said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day even if you took the scenic route.

Helen said...

Great photos lots of happy faces, love the sunset shots stunning !!

Cheryl said...

Oh sue such lovely photos from such wonderful day. Do love those beautiful gum trees on your stop and the lovely sunset photos. So lovely to catch up and spend the day with you and the other girls

Melody said...

So glad you had fun Sue. Your driving adventure sounds like Christine, Annie and I. Always getting lost, does lead to some serendipitous beautiful spots though, just like your stop by the river.

Diane-crewe said...

glad you made it through all the diversions ... all I am going to say is ... LIVERPOOL!!! lol x

Fiona said...

Looks like a fun day - you didn't find any geocaches at those mistaken stopovers? I do love the gum trees

Ondrea said...

Such a fun time for you all. Great pics.

Chookyblue...... said...

a wonderful day with the girls at Shez house..........

KAYLEE said...

Lots of wonderful photos, looks like you had a super day.