Friday, May 13, 2016

Catching up

Today we have been into the city to take hubby to the neuro Dr , all went well, hubby has to slow down a little and not want to do everything NOW!! He has to give his brain time to recover....another 4 weeks to go then the magical 6 weeks after operation is up. Will be interesting to see how hubby is then. So, not a lot of sewing is happening here as I am tired but have managed to finish some secret sewing, but as it is a secret I can only show you a little,
very happy with how this turned out. I have been doing some other secret sewing but can't show that yet...may be later!! Lol!
The last Aussie hero quilt I made was sent off to a man who was on exchange in the US, sadly last week the quilt was returned to me. After talking to Jan-Maree the Aussie Hero organiser she found out he is back in Australia in hospital, suffering from PTSD. Happily he wants his quilt so I rode down to the PO this afternoon and sent it on it's way. Hopefully he will be able to recover during his time in hospital.
It was very calm and peaceful down by the beach today
the pelicans rushed over as they thought I was going to feed them

sorry guys no food here for you!!

Ok then, we shall look elsewhere!! LOl!!

I sat and had a chai and had a read for a while

and watched the changes in the light on the water...there is something in the camera lens that looks like the letter G when I zoom in on something, do not know how to get that out!

drink finished, time to go home! Might even do some sewing!
Happy sewing.


Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Great news re your hubby. So glad that the owner will get the quilt. Have a lovely weekend.

Happy days.

Pamela said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi my lovely friend ,what a lovely day for you,I hope hubby has slowed down now so you can get some much needed sleep,it's great he is doing so well. Love your pics and it was such a lovely day today and looks like another nice day tomorrow,enjoy your weekend Sue xx

Jo said...

the beach was lovely... Yes he needs to slow down and recover.. My hubby is so bored. It is hard...
Glad you had some you time with your chai. Good for you... Some secret sewing. Can't wait to see the result

theodora said...

Love those pelicans..great photos !

Helen said...

Beautiful photos love the Pelicans. Your peek of the secret sewing looks lovely :)

O'faigh said...

Loved the beach scene photos Sue especially the pelicans.Great news for hubby.

Moose-ings said...

Love the pelicans! They're such beautiful birds. That's weird, the G in your camera. Can't see it in every photo. Time for a new camera?

Ondrea said...

Good luck with Davis slowing down! Good to see you have been sewing. Love the yellow hexies. Great news about the Aussie Hero quilt. I do hope the poor guy gets some joy from it. Lovely sightseeing pics.

Fiona said...

Its not easy for a hubby to slow down - good luck on that!!! Great that you found the guy for the quilt - it will be extra special now if he is not well..... I do love the pelicans and would love to sit by the sea and have a cup of chai with you


Michelle Ridgway said...

I am so glad hubby is improving. I am sure your special quilt will help your Aussie soldier heal and recover. Love your beach visit too x