Sunday, May 22, 2016


I have been learning new things at an Irene Blanck workshop. We had the choice of three quilts to make, most of us have chosen the smallest, I did as I haven't done needle turn applique before so was a bit learning curve for me!!
this is Irene's quilt Minerva...very nice huh!!!

this is as far as I got homework is to make some circles and applique the flowers below!!

I need to do some more trimming here!! 
Have to show you the sunrise this morning it was beautiful!!
Makes it worth getting up early!!
Off to eat fish and chips now for dinner.
Happy sewing.


shez said...

Hi Sue ,wow this piece is amazing what a fun class and you get to do it again tomorrow I your piece and can't wait to see it finished,also glad you got to catch up with friends .
Love your sunrise ,very pretty.
Looking forward to our day on Wednesday ,see you soon my friend xx

Susan said...

I thought you did that first pic in class today! You made a great start on a beautiful design. I'm a little bit green, I'd so love to do a class with Irene.

Jo said...

How did you manage needle turn with your finger. That's a hard task..good luck with the class.

Jacquie Morris said...

Oooooooh now that looks lovely what your learning to do.... Cannot wait to see your progress on that!! Very pretty 😊
So great that you can go along to classes and learn awesome new things.
Oh your evening photo is lovely...
Take care, best wishes to David too 😊 xx

Helen said...

Woo hoo so looking forward to watching your progress with the needlturn. It is so addictive I know you are going to love it. Irene's designs are just beautiful and sure to inspire you. Enjoy your journey Sue xxx

Moose-ings said...

That looks intriguing. I like the script background on your workshop piece. Must keep my eye open for another of her workshops sometime.

Cheryll said...

Simply gorgeous eye candy. Thanks Sue...xox

desertskyquilts said...

Breathtaking sunrise. Worthy of Arizona. =) I love seeing where you started on this piece. You are coming along very well!