Saturday, June 11, 2016

Home and out and about

Last night I sewed away on the Aussie Hero quilt, got to the last strip and then realised I had a big fold in the fabric on the back, so an unsewing session is in front of me!!
the front, the Supervisor was keeping a watch out!! 

and the prizes for quessing what I will be doing tomorrow!!
Today I have been over to Barwon heads to the Seachange group for a class with Annette Packett - she taught us how to make the New York beauty block. 
First we started choosing materials...that took a while!!! Lol!!
Then we cut the first pieces
and started the paper piecing, after much holding breath and concentration

I had these, which when trimmed

looked like this!! Yay!!!

these belonged to Lynne

these to Bronwyn

next we cut the top and bottom...mmmmm...curved seams! Aghhhhh!!!!

Phew the top went on ok, the inner circles I found really hard and got a couple of little tucks but I am not redoing them!!
So after some unsewing these are my blocks.
we had a great day and Annette is a wonderful teacher.
She showed us some of her quilts

Isn't this a cute mini...imagine making those blocks!! Something for you Elyte!!!

isn't this a beautiful mini quilt!!
On the way home I stopped to have a look at Ocean Grove, the sea was pounding in and it was high tide and a cold wind was blowing!!
Took a photo between rain showers..

The water is very high today!

Further down the beach a rainbow appeared. 
I had better go and get some dinner organised.
Happy days.


Julie said...

Just catching up on some of your posts Sue - looks like you had a great class there ... gosh that all looks too intricate for me but stunning when the blocks come together. Your see photos are always great ... moody & grey today.

Julie said...

Whoops I meant Sea photos sorry .... not see !!!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning my lovely friend,well arent you the clever one ,i am very impressed with what you achievement,your blocks look fantastic,well done my friens and i love the beach at Ocean Grove,it takes your breath away ,such a beautiful spot,hope you have a wonderful day Sue xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

I take my hat off to your awesome cleverness. Well done! Those quilts are amazing. Sorry you have some reverse sewing to do :( Love the ocean in all it's moods xx

Fiona said...

how frustrating with that bit on the back of the quilt.... so annoying. I love all those NYB blocks.... they are so clever and effective


O'faigh said...

Hi Sue, my old stopping ground ocean grove thanks for the pic brought back memories. I know all about unpicking from free motion quilting these last two weeks.

Moose-ings said...

Love your NewYork beauty blocks; I might have to ask for hints when I do mine, but it'll be a while yet. Ugh, don't you just hate unsewing?! I decided I'll unstitch my first ever quilt, then have it professionally done. My favourite beach looks pretty wild!

Leeanne said...

Great photo's! Looks like a fab class. I have quilted a few of those precise intricate foundation quilts, always fun!

retdairyqueen said...

I just finished a quilt with a big fold in the back
Not being a fan of unsewing I appliqued a big teddy over it (It was a teddy quilt)
Caught up with a friend yesterday who said a mutual friend was telling her about the gorgeous quilt Illene had just finished "It even had a teddy bear on the back" Hugs

Jo said...

Great photos of all the New York Beauties... Wow look at that rough sea... It is still lovely to watch... Bugger about the unpicking

Anonymous said...

Wow, what lovely ocean views. I love the quilts you shared - so beautiful! Your New York Beauty is really going to be gorgeous with all those lovely batiks.

Chookyblue...... said...

love the foundation paper piecing............must pull mine back out.........