Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Word photo link up and show and tell

Yesterday was the day to link up over at alshasspace for this weeks word photo challenge. The word for this week was UNIVERSAL. I had to ponder on this one a lot and then decided something that is UNIVERSAL is enjoying seeing the sun come up in the morning, so I have gone with that.
Nothing like a great sunrise to give UNIVERSAL joy!!
I went along to sewing at the Bellarine Quilters yesterday and  had a update on the progress Jill is making on her quilt
She has finished the floating squares on two sides, doesn't it look amazing? Can't wait to see the next border go on.

We set up the basting frame and had two attempts at sandwiching Jills baby quilt

had everything right or so we thought, but both times it came off the top went all wrinkly, no good for quilting...one lady finally told us we had the bottom to taut and when we unpinned it it caused the top to wrinkle!! So there you go, we learned something!! Jill had had enough after two attempts there and one at home, so the quilt is now off to the quilters! 

and this is the start of another beautiful quilt using Japanese fabrics made by one of the other Bellarine ladies. Very impressive!
Blogger has been making my life difficult by not letting me upload photos, that was last night, this morning I seem to be able to! A lesson in patience maybe??
I am off to check my porridge, it is on the go slow this morning too!!
Happy sewing.


Anonymous said...

lots of beautiful work there,sorry i missed this day,its always fun,hope you enjoyed your porridge xx

Cheryl said...

You take the most beautiful photos Sue. Lots of clever girls in your sewing group. Love those blocks Jill is working on

Raewyn said...

Beautiful sunrise, Sue! Was wondering how your coastline was affected by the weekend weather? Those floating squares do look great! How frustrating with basting the baby quilt, although I bet it was still a fun time spent with friends :-)

cozykoza32a@gmail.com said...

I missed reading your last post, but wanted to tell you I think your Biscornus are lovely. Well Done.
Kathleen Mary

Fiona said...

blogger is a bit temperamental. I love the block settings with the tiny little blocks...

Diane-crewe said...

your Universal sunset gave me joy x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely quilts. I always like seeing what others are making. I didn't know about the too taut, but I've also not pinned in a frame like that. I'll have to keep that in mind!