Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday (photo heavy)

has been a busy day...the car was booked in for a service in Geelong at 8am, this meant being up and out by 7.20am.......hard to find that on the clock these days!!! I was a little late but got there dropped off the car and was dropped off at the library, I walked to Market Square, got a hot drink, did a little geocaching (no luck!!) While I was wandering around I discovered alleyways I hadn't seen before and graffiti, so had to get some photos!
We were just talking about this singer yesterday...we think she was a student at the school David's father taught at in Preston

liked this guy...King Billy!!

thought this was cute

liked the sea and boat here

always good to be reminded to smile!!

another Aussie singer who left us too soon.
Then I wandered off to the National Wool Museum to have a look at the festival of the Scarves
the theme this year was Myths and Legends
loved this felted scarf with the little creatures on it

a bit of a view, there are 300 scarves in here, knitted,felted, crochet, some made using reclaimed products, 

I think this was the lady of the Lake...I was being followed around by the lady watching over the display, she was encouraging me to try one on and decide which one I wanted to buy!!! They started in price from $30 and went up to over $ thanks, I think I will stick with the scarves I have!!

another view

this quilt was up in the dinosaur section and was made for a woman who did a lot of work in the area of fossils, I think the darker plant and shell fossils were printed on, it was beautiful!
I went from here to the library and sat and read fora while, then went outside and found a sheltered spot to eat lunch and do a bit of sewing before I was picked up to go and get my car.
sewing in the sun!! With all the cold weather gear on!!! Lol!!

                                              this is a great place to enjoy the sunshine

love the front of the library building

the few clamshells I sewed today

when I got home Ethel (thank you Ondrea for the name suggestion) was all ready for a visit outside, but today I think she needs an umbrella!!

We went to hubby's step fathers 90th birthday celebrations yesterday up in the eastern suburbs, it took us two and a half hours to get there, the traffic was heavy and slow, and about 2 hours to get home so it was a long day, I managed a little knitting before I fell into bed!! We could have been at the South Australian border doing that much driving!! 
Ok enough from me for today, is dark here now (5.36pm) and the rain is coming down heavily!
Happy sewing.


Jo said...

My brother said he could see the weather changing and a storm coming over the bay... It is so icy today...

Diane-crewe said...

cant accuse you of not using your time well x

Anonymous said...

HI Sue,what a wonderful day you had,lots of beautiful graffiti,there are some very talented people around.
Oh i love the scarf exibition i went there one year with the guild and it was amazing.
Glad the sun was out for you to do your stitching and love the name of your ostrich,lol,the hat suits her too,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

Leeanne said...

Some fabulous street art! You look rugged up, must be chilly?

Ondrea said...

What a fantastic day! Very interesting wool items. Love those murals....not really grafetti in my eyes. In Belfast there is quite a famous wall of political murals that are changed often by the artists, quite a history lesson of Northern Ireland depicted. Love Ethel's hat. Got any gumboots? Your clam shells are looking great. Keep warm.

Moose-ings said...

Geelong is always worth a visit. Great street art. And I think your Ethel needs a scarf t go with her hat...or a feather boa?

Melody said...

Love the street art. Looks like a great wonder you were tired.

Fiona said...

big days.... the scarves would have been fun. I saw beanies in similar price ranges yesterday... hmmm