Thursday, August 4, 2016


I was very happy as I FINISHED the main part of the hexie quilt!!! (Happy dance here!!)
But then the hard part started, measuring and cutting the border...scary stuff
lucky we have this space on the floor,although it is very hard on the knees crawling around on the floor!! After much head scratching and well meant advice from hubby the pieces re all together and I have started sewing the hexies to the border....might take me a while!!

the Supervisor wasn't much help!!!!
Yesterday I also finished off the Christmas present row
for the Christmas Row by Row...think I might add some bows after quilting

the quilting is finished on this wall to find some binding and clean up all the endy bits on the back!
Also yesterday was sewing at St Leonards....have a look at Jill's clamshells
don't these look amazing?? Jill is loving making these.

Kath has started more hexies with some different fabric

the tide was very low today when the supervisor and I went for a walk, the sunshine is great though!!
Happy sewing.


Jo said...

Well done with the HEXIES. What size does it measure now...

Leeanne said...

I think perhaps you should start paying your supervisor more, then you would get some real help! Loving the hexie garden.............:-)

Helen said...

The hexies look great can't wait to see the border on, beautiful wall hanging well done Sue :)

Fiona said...

wow the hexies look fantastic on that background. I can imagine how hard it is to get that border all correct and straight.... probably a good place for the supervisor to be whilst you were doing it... the wallhanging has come up a treat.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh my your hexie quilt is a stunner...well done Sue! You have got lots keeping you pretty are those clamshells. Enjoy your sunshine x

I am said...

Good morning my lovely friend,wow that quilt is looking amazing ,the colours are stunning and the black makes them all pop.
Oh your wall hanging looks amazing and your present row is looking fantastic,you sure have been busy my friend,gee the girls are going great guns with their clamshells and boy look how many Jill has done.
Hope your day is a good one my friend xx

Sheila said...

Your hexie quilt is gorgeous , great job !

Pamela said...

The hexie quilt is my favorite!

Farm Gate Creations said...

I'm happy dancing here for you Sue...well done you have done an amazing job.