Friday, October 7, 2016

Another catch up

This week has been busy with visitors staying and us doing different things.....I had a walk down the beach  looking for beach glass, the weather has been so bad I figured there must be some washed up!!

This pelican was down by the boat launching ramp

It is a beautiful day for a walk

I did find this on the beach, bit of a nasty one if anyone stepped on it, I ma hoping it was snagged on something and not dumped over the side of a boat in the bay, now it is in the bin!

the bad weather has brought up a lot of sea weed

In the afternoon Angela went off to Port Arlington and so I sat on the front deck and sewed some clam shells,and daydreamed!!

When Angela came back we had a play with her new jelly sheet thingy...I am not sure what it is called..we got to play with paint and print it onto baking paper

I even tried some on fabric, not sure how that will work as it wasn't fabric paint, but we shall see

more playing

we tried to print on to little canvas boards which worked quite well.
This weekend I am starting on another Aussie hero quilt, this time the request is for a Russell Coight themed quilt...I contacted the agent for Glenn Robbins and she said he would sign fabric squares for me...I am waiting for them to be returned in the mail, but meantime I am printing off some pictures to fabric, I took this one to a photocopy/printing place in Geelong and asked for an A3 print...they man running the shop very generously did it for nothing once he found out what it was for, he told me he supports Veterans. How good is that??  I came away feeling really good..there are some wonderful people in the world!!

The picture cam up really well.
Tonight I am joining up with the other creative people at Cherylls for a Friday night of Stitching!
Great to be stitching with friends, have the G & T ready to go!
Happy sewing.


Ondrea said...

Gee, you are quite creative thinking about contacting the agent! WEll done! And well done getting the photocopying done for free too. There are some nice people around . LOve your play day projects.

Chookyblue...... said...

Fun with the paint printing....... Can't wait to see the next quilt..... Should be cheeky fun that is for sure....

I am said...

Hello my lovely friend ,love the pelican pic .
Good to see you two having fun with the paint on different mediums,looks like lots of fun.
What a lovely thing for the photo copying man to do ,yes there is some beautiful people around and you are one of them kiddo,i would say a bit of karma coming back your way.
Enjoy that G&T my friend xx

Helen said...

We sure have had some crazy weather glad to see you had a lovely day for your walk. What a great Aussie hero quilt this will be :)

Pamela said...

Great photos. You live in a beautiful spot.

ES said...

The Aussie hero quilt is going to be great!! Great idea to print pictures onto fabric:)

Diane-crewe said...

what a beautiful place to sit and dream/play xx ALSO a beautiful place to walk xx

marina said...

Can't wait to see your latest Aussie quilt come to life,sounds like other people were happy to support you in your endeavours! How great!
Looks like you are enjoying dabbling in other medium also....looks like fun

Moose-ings said...

The beach looked great. Love your ideas for the Aussie hero quilt. You've done some interesting Hingis with the Gelli plate.

Fiona said...

Its really good to hear others coming on board to help with your quilts.... that one sounds fun - he is a funny guy