Monday, October 3, 2016

Sit and sew at Port

Today was sit and sew day today, it was lovely to catch up with the ladies and to congratulate Jill who sold two of her quilts on the first night of the exhibition!!
some ladies had gone home but here are the stalwarts working away!

I managed to get some more clamshells sewn in between having a look at what others were doing and chatting and having lunch!!

I had a surprise in the mail when I got home Michelle Ridgway pattern in the mail box!!
This will make a nice change from clamshells for a while.
I am off to do some tracing.
Happy sewing.


Jo said...

Good day relaxing with friends. Your clam shells are growing. Enjoy stitching Michelle's pattern. I'm sure there will be lots of these going around the group.

I am said...

Glad you had a lovely day at Port Sue ,you are doing so well with those clam shells,isnt Michelle's pattern gorgeous,hope you have a lovely afternoon my friend xx

Cheryl said...

Am loving your clamshells Sue. I ordered Michelle's lovely new pattern also, so can't wait to start

marina said...

Hope all went well with the quilt show, love the mill building, it's such a great old building.
Love seeing your clamshells...
Happy stitching!

Fiona said...

the clamsshells are great... I have that pattern too.... need to do some tracing!

Michelle Ridgway said...

I like those 2 words together "sit and sew" lol! The Mill sounds very interesting. Enjoy your little Aussies xx

Elyte said...

Your exhibition looked wonderful and I hope that you got a lot of visitors. I hope to make it one day.
Always enjoy seeing those pretty clamshells, but looks like you have a distraction. Enjoy your project, whatever it is.