Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Time away

I have spent the last three days visiting Eve who lives in Melbourne, she is out to the east in Boronia. I drove over on Sunday, the windiest day I could have chosen, the car was being blown all over the road. I arrived ok, and we had a great afternoon of chatting and catching up. The next morning I took her dog Basil the Jug ( Pug x Jack Russell) for a walk and we got caught in a really heavy rain shower.Yesterday we explored a new antique/craft shop and then took Eve out for lunch as it was her 81st birthday. In the evenings we watched dvd's and I did a little stitching
these rows of clamshells are all sewn down, ready to be joined to others

sleepy wombat is finished..this is a Michelle Ridgway's pattern

kookaburra is bring the decorations

and Mum possum is just started.

As I was taking the photos I  noticed this yacht working it's way down the was lurching up and down in the waves, not my idea of fun!! Would be a fast trip towards Melbourne but a very slow one coming back!!
I am off now to glue some clamshells ready to sew tomorrow, I am helping out with the Guild display table at the Geelong Agricultural Show. Hopefully I get to have a look around too.
Happy sewing.


I am said...

Hi my lovely friend,so glad you had a wonderful time away.
Boy you are motoring along with the clamshells,lol,i think i have forgotten how to do them.
Gee the view from your loungeroom is stunning,glad you got to Eve's ok .
Hope you have a lovely evening Sue xx

Jo said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy, as always.
I am also helping with the local show. A good way to meet the locals...

Cheryl said...

Thought you had been quiet Sue and must have been away. Glad you had great time and loving your clamshell progress and also on Michelle's lovely xmas tags

Pamela said...

What a nice three days away! I love to read and see photos of the travels of others. Thanks for sharing your trip and your lovely stitching.

Anthea said...

Oooo, lovely days away... and lovely clamshells!

marina said...

Nothing like a little break away..... clamshells coming together beautifully,it really seems to grow once you sew the blocks together.
Pretty stitcheries too
What a lovely view to wake up to!

Fiona said...

they must have felt rather sea sick on that yacht with all the wind you havebeen having. well done on the Michelle stitcheries - I am still to trace mine. I love the look of the clams. Lovely to spend the time with Eve and I bet her dog enjoyed the walk (but maybe not if you got rained on!)

Fiona said...

PS I keep forgetting to say how I love the header - those boots are made for walking!

retdairyqueen said...

Like Fiona I too love your header
The clamshells are multiplying fast Are they hard to do? Probably not once you get the hang of them
I certainly would not like to be out on the water with the wind we have been having
Enjoy the Show

Chookyblue...... said...

I got Michelles pattern to...not traced anything off yet.........

Ondrea said...

Gee, I wouldn't have fancied driving in those winds. No petrol required? LOL Love your clam shells. You have just prompted me to start on my ornies of Michelle's too. Yours look fantastic!