Wednesday, October 26, 2016


means sit and sew at St Leonards..I spent my time unsewing as the sewing I did last yesterday was crooked and I had gone off the backing fabric!! I was not a happy camper....just shows me I should not rush things!!!
Mary was working on these colourful blocks, something she has made up

back home work began again on the Aussie Hero quilt

the Supervisor got fed yp following me from the table to the iron and back, so settled nearly under the couch

All done!!!! Yay, butnow I think the bottom is wider than the top and I am a bit concerned when I trim I will cut into the bottom photos!! Wish I could sew in a straight line!!

Lynda gave me a wonderful birthday present today, a great bag, a sewing kit, scissors and two jelly rolls with gorgeous blue batik fabric! Very generous of her! She also made a beautiful hand made card with stitching on it.

I have done some quilting around the gum leaves, just random stuff
a bit of definition around the signed squares..I think I am done for now. 

next job is to try and even it all up and trim..Gulp!!!

the Supervisor says not my job!! Lol!!
I am off to check my dinner,smells good from here!!
Happy sewing.


Pamela said...

The Supervisor is adorable! I'm like you, as hard a I try to sew a straight line, it never seems to end up that way.

Jo said...

At least it is ok to end up what ever size it does. Good luck

I am said...

Hi my lovely friend I would add some strips up the top sides where it is narrower,that might help.
What lovely gifts Lynda gave you,such lovely gifts for a lovely lady.
See you tomorrow afternoon,yipee xx

Summer said...

Love your gift! The bag is really cute♥

Raewyn said...

I"m sure the quilt will sort itself out! It's looking really good :-) What a lovely shower of gifts you received, don't you love birthdays that keep on keeping on!

Chookyblue...... said...

this is a great have done well......

Fiona said...

the quilt is great - I think you are marvellous making them up without patterns to follow

Sheila said...

I am sure the quilt will be fine, we are our own worst critics . Love the bag you received .

Kaylee said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, hope it was a lovely day. The quilt is just wonderful Sue, and that bag fron Shez sure is something special.