Thursday, December 8, 2016


I flew back from Brisbane this afternoon, leapt into the car and drove to Drysdale, just in time for the Bellarine Quilters Xmas dinner. It was held at the local pub. A good night was had by all, the food was good, just got loud with all the chatting!
some speeches underway,

Carleen, Judy and Magda

Queen Jacquith......the seller of the most raffle tickets !!

checking in with the chefs at the end of the evening!!
Jill, Lynda, Mary, Jenny and Sue.
Happy days.


Pamela said...

What fun!

Fiona said...

oh my goodness - what an interstate party animal you are...


Ondrea said...

Gee, you have exhausted me just reading where you have been LOL.

Ondrea said...

Is that a furry grandchild I see in your arms??? Hehehe. Such a cute Joey. Love that snowball quilt. The colours are awesome.