Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Out and About with Jenny

Yesterday we had a day of adventure and fun

playing at the Antiques centre on the Bellarine Highway

Jenny found many jars of buttons which were tempting

ready for a safari!!

we found these "people" for sale or hire

my favourite!!

Love the Minions!!

he doesn't look to happy though!! I told hubby we NEED this down the garden...imagine this standing near the vege patch!! lol!! he nearly fell over when I suggested that and then told him it was $600!!! Won't be happening but was good for a laugh!!

One last photo before heading off.

We found these beautiful lamps in a shop window in Queenscliff, sadly you can't see the lamp but it was like a balloon behind the figure.

compulsory tourist photo in the main street, you can tell it is getting late in the traffic!!!

one last shop here and then we headed home.

There we worked on a cake for David to take to tennis club Wednesday, I think there are birthday and Christmas celebrations happening today.

Ta da!!! This is before one end started to lean dangerously , I think I soaked the sponge fingers a bit too much..

guess who was tasting!! I didn't take a photo of the finished cake but it had shards of chocolate all around it.....hope it goes down ok today.
We are off to visit a local friend this morning and then heading over to Drysdale to return my library books and get some seafood for dinner. Might even do some sewing this afternoon!!
Happy days.


Pamela said...

What fun! I love the first pictures where you put you face in the oval!

Leeanne said...

Hilarious photo's! looks like Jenny is having a fabulous holiday.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great fun with Jenny. Queenscliff is such a quaint place x

Jo said...

What a great day. Can't believe there was no traffic in Queenscliff

I am said...

Hi Sue what a fun filled day you two had,lol i reckon it would be a lot of fun with Jenny in the kitchen,lol ,love the pic of her licking the spoon xx

Fiona said...

what a fun time.... non stop.

Yes a minion at the vege garden would be perfect!!


Raewyn said...

You girls sure are making the most of your time together - looks like a fun outing!!! Bet the cake goes down well, it sounds delicious! Hehe a Minion in the vege garden would be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

You and Jenny have such a lovely friendship - like I used to have with my best friend. I miss her and the silly things we did. I'm so glad you have someone like that!