Thursday, March 2, 2017


This mornign we were up  right and early and on the road from Napier to Gisborne. Our first stop was at Whirinaki Beach, to bet a photo looking back at Napier, we were a bit far away but took it anyway.
Black sand and lots of tree trunks washed up on the beach

Looking towards where we are going

Lake Tutira

Sadly this lake had lots of green algae growing on it, but the reflections look pretty good. We continued on along narrow and windy roads until we got to Wairoa, where we stopped for a drink.
It was lovely down by the river.
More narrow and windy road and we found a look out and had out first view of Gisborne
Up here we could here tui and bellbirds in the bush.

More windy narrow road followed and we finally got to Gisborne, we had a extra tiki tour as we couldn't find the info office.....this town must be the only town I know that has their info signs in green, I am used to them being blue!! Gives us an extra challenge!!
We finally found it got some maps and then went and had lunch by the beach
This is Waikanae Beach. So nice to sit here and watch the world go by.
We drove up Kaiti Hill to see the view
Looking over the port and to the surf beach

Isn't that a beautiful bay?

Bay, port, surf beach and town. 
We stopped and had a look at the statue of Captain Cook, as he landed here in October 1769. I read that the statue is most likely of some Italian gentleman as the uniform is not an Engligh naval uniform and the face does not look like Captain Cook.....debate rages here as to whether it stays or goes...makes for good photos though!!
The wrong gentleman!!
The plaque commemorates the beginning of  New Zealand as a nation.
We have been so lucky with the weather, sunny days all except one and then I think it was half a day.
Off to Tauranga next.
Happy days.


Leeanne said...

Thanks for sharing your are seeing more of NZ then me!

Jo said...

Fantastic views

Pamela said...

Great photos!

Ondrea said...

LOL when I read the title I thought you were home already! Gotta laugh re Captain Cook. He was also a very tall man so I don't know what they were thinking lol. Beautiful scenery.

Elyte said...

Just caught up with your travels. Photos are fabulous and you look to be having a wonderful time.

Fiona said...

another lovely area... are those black beaches because of all the iron?

Robyn Pidgeon said...

You are so very lucky to have such beautiful days it's been very hot here and no rain... Looking forward to your photos from Tauranga and see you soon... Robyn

Raewyn said...

Wonderful photos Sue - thanks for takng us along with you!! It's years since I've been to Gisborne - pre-kiddos I think!!