Friday, March 3, 2017

Tauranga and FNWF

Yesterday we drove from Gisborne to Tauranga. ..I was told it would take three and a half hours, but it took us a whole lot was about 288km which in Aussie terms doesn't sound like much, but when you drive through many kms of a gorge is takes forever!!!!!
We stopped at this camp/rest place and found this old tressle bridge way up the back

This what we were driving through, lots of windy road with towering hills on either side and a river near the road...this was through the Waioeka Gorge.
We stopped for a look at Opotiki, Eve found postcards in the museum, the on to Whakatane where we had lunch by the river
Whakatane is build between the end of a bluff and the river
And Captian Cook must have been here at some stage of his travels, maybe for lunch at the cafe?? Lol!!
From  here we went on to Tauranga, took Eve to an antique shop, and then went to my mothers house.  She is 91 and fiercely independent, except when she needs the neighbours  and friends to do things for her, she has a very strict routine and finds it hard when people come to the house. So we got takeaway for dinner and then Eve and I went down the the beach to watch the sunset
The tide was way out so we got the sandy beach

This place is called Ferguson Park and behind me taking the photo is 20 acres of playing fields, there was soccer training happening, adult soccer games happening, people walking dogs and people just walking, people sitting watching...there is always something happening down here.
Heading back to Mums now.
Happy days.
PS..Dont forget tonight is Friday Night with Friends, you can sign up over at Cheryll's , she is the hostess with the mostess for a night of virtual stitching and fun. You can see what many like minede people are doing over there on the weekend.


Jo said...

Rest up for your trip home

Cheryll said...

I know that spot from my visit last year...
Thanks for sharing the news about FNwF too...xox

Ondrea said...

Another lovely day . Gee, I think you are very brave driving on such windy roads. Hope you enjoyed some of your visit with your mum. Have a lovely trip back home.

Robyn Pidgeon said...

what a wonderful journey you have taken and just love the tressle bridge...

Raewyn said...

That is what I remember - a long drive from Gisborne to anywhere! Love those drives through the gorges even if it takes forever! You've struck lovely weather while you've been here - and some lovely sunsets too.

Fiona said...

How beautiful is that beach in the evening. I did have a giggle at your description of your independant Mum. I guess at 91 it's ok to be put out of routine!


Farm Gate Creations said...

Some gorgeous photos there Sue