Friday, March 31, 2017

Today is another photo heavy day!!

I had a big walk up Edwards Point to try and find a geocache that I have not been able to find, it was a 7.2 km round trip from home..needless to say I was tired but happy when I got back!!
I didn't check the weather before I left and there are some black clouds on the horizon now!!

walked along the track here...I have been told to watch out for snakes here but none today were spotted! Phew!!

part of the Swan Bay inlet

casually studying the view while counting down the seconds for the camera to go off!!!
I walked 293 m past this lookout to try and find the cache, after 20 mins I sent a message to the cache owner, I got a message back to ring him, which I did and he talked me to where the cache took me another 5 mins of searching before I found the thing!!! All the time having the man on the phone telling me to watch out for snakes!!!! I thought if one did bite me at least I was talking to him and he could get me help!!!!

I eventually found it under the left side of this tree...I had been searching about 6 m to the left as that was where the gps had me!! Ah well! Another adventure!!

I set off towards home just as it started spitting

the weather can't have been travelling very fast as it stopped fairly quickly, I was not fast enough to out run it!!

I saw a few of these on the way, I had heard they were in the bay in their thousands for their annual moult.

On the last stretch I was confronted with this...groan, but I managed to get to the top!!

I had a good haul of beach glass on my travels.

I did get to some sewing in the afternoon and managed to burn the label I was preparing for a quilt!! The Supervisor was not supervising ... or taking responsibility!!

See innocent!!!  
The Aussie hero quilt is trimmed and the binding is on...hand sewing is the next thing to be done.
I am off now to soak my weary bones in the bath, with a Budweiser and a book.
Happy sewing.


Moose-ings said...

What a trek! Don't like the idea of snakes.... supervisor's looking good, as is the AH quilt. Love the pano shots.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue so glad you found the cache,and not any snakes,lol,I would've been jumping all over the place,lol.
Lovely pic of Tupai and great you are so close to a finish with your quilt.

Tracy said...

What an adventure Sue. I'm glad there were no snakes. I don't mind them too much.

Fiona said...

that looked a really good walk..... I wouldn't even try looking for the snakes! you are brave.... (or maybe just crazy)

Pamela said...

Nice walk! Congrats on another quilt.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Boy that was some walk.....snakes ahh nope! Youvare obviously not paying your Supervisor enough. Lol! You have gotten your quilt together in a flash!

Raewyn said...

Great walk Sue! So pleased you finally found the geocache in the end - what a shame it would have been to go all that way and not find it! Lovely quilt too!!